Bollywood Actresses Without Plastic Surgery in Whole Life 30+

Bollywood is a glamorous world. It has its own set of rules and regulations. People especially women need to look good and extremely gorgeous to stay fit in the run. The women undergo many physical treatments not only to keep themselves fit but also to make themselves look beautiful. it is usually said that there are many fans of these actors and actresses who love to follow them. So in order to keep their beauty intact, many prefer various types of makeup and skin products or to undergo critical treatments too. One such treatment is plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is very common among the Bollywood actresses. There are many examples of actresses whose looks were completely changed after a plastic surgery was done. But exceptions are always there. there are many Bollywood Actresses Without Plastic Surgery. 

The cute girl who overwhelmed the audience with her looks and talent in many movies never asked for a plastic surgery to stay in the industry. Her sharp eyes and complexion were enough to mesmerize people. She has a huge number of followers in the social media who follow her beauty secrets.

24. Sonakshi Sinha

The chubby girl of Bollywood reduced 30 kilos of weight to begin her career in this industry. Her beautiful Indian chubby looks were enough to make people fall for her head over heels. She never resorted to a plastic surgery.

23. Sonam Kapoor

She is one of the actresses who reduced her weight a lot to make her first debut in the Bollywood film industry. She is regarded as a fashion icon. She is a Bollywood actress without plastic surgery.

22. Ileana D’Cruz

The South Indian beauty is well known for her curves. The beauty of this woman is incomparable. The way she carries herself off says it all. she never required any surgeries to enhance her charm and beauty.

21. Yami Gautam

The beauty of the Himalayan girl is amazing. Her sharp Himalayan feature is enough to make her famous. This upcoming actress never required any surgeries to

20. Nargis Fakhri

Unlike other actresses, this actress is blessed with the natural sharp features that she does not needs any surgeries. Her pout look makes her more attractive and gorgeous. The upcoming actress is working hard to make her mark in the Bollywood

19. Vidya Balan

One of the most versatile actresses of the recent times, Vidya Balan has created her own genre. She was initially accused of her looks. But she never went for any cosmetic surgery and continued to amaze the world with her beauty and charm.

18. Parineeti Chopra

This girl is known for her chubby looks and her acting skills. She lost a lot of weight to enter the industry but never went for any surgeries. Her charming personality is enough to make her fans happy.

17. Dimple Kapadia-

The beautiful actress was famous for her looks. She shined a lot in her career because of her sharp features. The beautiful lady had a smooth journey in Bollywood. She never opted for cosmetic surgery.

16. Asha Parekh-

The beautiful actress was always famous for her beauty. The elegance of the lady won many hearts. She is a Bollywood Actress Without Plastic Surgery.

15. Waheeda Rehman –

One of the most beautiful actresses of her times, she never opted for a surgery. The simple yet gorgeous look of this talented lady made her mark in the industry with her simplicity. She won many awards.

14. Jaya Bachchan –

The beautiful actress never underwent any surgery to enhance her beauty. The Bengali beauty with sharp features was loved by many. Her short height or looks were never a barrier for her.

13. Mina Kumari –

The beauty of this lady is above all. Her sharp features and beauty made many men fall for her. This lady never opted for any surgeries to enhance her beauty. She was the epitome of beauty.

12. Tabbu


One of the most beautiful actresses, she is completely against plastic surgery. Her simplicity and charm took away many hearts. One of the finest actresses, she has won many awards in her career.

11. Neetu Singh –

The beautiful actress never went for a plastic surgery. She was famous for her chubby looks and beautiful smile. She had many followers for her charming looks.

10. Poonam Dhillon-

The beauty of this actress from Punjab was known for her looks and talent. Her mesmerizing eyes and looks were very charming. She was offered many movies for her glamour.

9. Mumtaz-

The charming smile and beautiful eyes of this lady took hearts of many. She was regarded as the most beautiful actresses of her times. She never underwent any surgery to enhance her beauty.

8. Nargis –


The epitome of beauty, Nargis was one of the leading actresses of her times. Her beauty and elegance were This lady was known for her talent and work. She won many awards and can be seen in some of the most famous Bollywood movies. Plastic surgeries were not famous during her time.



7. Manushi Chillar

One of the most versatile actresses, she was known for her elegance. She never underwent any surgery. She was famous for her work and was a talented actress. The actress was against plastic surgery.

6. Sunny Leone

Bollywood Actress without Plastic Surgery

The lady had purely Indian features and was an amazing actress. She was pretty and never went for the cosmetic surgeries. She has also done many famous serials. She never did any plastic surgery.

5. Richa Chadda

Bollywood Actress without Plastic Surgery

One of the most versatile actresses, she is trying to make her mark in the Bollywood Her simple yet rough looks make her different from others. She is an upcoming actress. She has not done any plastic surgery yet.

4. Vyjayanthimala Bali –

She is very famous for her curves and moves. The beauty and elegance of this woman are Many men went head over for her. This South Indian beauty is known for her talent and charming looks. Surgeries were never her forte to increase her beauty and she always believes that inner beauty is most important thank various makeups thus making her evergreen.

3. Kareena Kapoor Khan

Bollywood Actress without Plastic Surgery

One of the most beautiful actresses, Kareena Kapoor Khan is known for her fair complexion and charming looks. Her charming features and beauty have made her famous. Her natural looks are mesmerizing. She never had any surgeries.


2. Sharmila Tagore –

Bollywood Actress without Plastic Surgery

The Bengal tigress had beautiful features. The sharp eyes and her smile had taken a breath of many. Married to the Pataudi, the actress was the mother of two children. She was one of the most beautiful actresses. She is against plastic surgery.

1. Saira Banu –

Bollywood Actress without Plastic Surgery

The elegance and charm that Nor Jahan had been incomparable. This lady was known for the beauty and charm. She had mesmerizing eyes. She never underwent any surgeries to look beautiful.


These beautiful Bollywood actresses depict the fact that Plastic surgeries are never an option to look beautiful. the beauty of a women does not need to increase by such surgeries or using different makeups. Undoubtedly these surgeries make people look beautiful but they do have some negative results too.

These ladies look beautiful in her natural look. Some of them are even against these sorts of surgeries that enhance the beauty of the women.

The most famous actresses who acted in the film industry from the beginning till date had believed that inner beauty or our heart is more important than their facial beauty thus setting an example to the world of their about their life.

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