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Tifa Lockhart is a popular fictitious character in the role-playing genre video game Final Fantasy VII where she helps her childhood buddy Cloud Striffe, who is also the hero to fight and save Planet from the malicious Sephiroth. Tifa is an ingenious creation of Tetsuya Nomura, who designed Tifa and developed her character originally. Tifa’s introduction to the game as the main character happened after the initial main lead Aerith Gainsborough died. This change on the plot was decided to give the game a more realistic appeal. The earlier idea of keeping both Tifa and Aerith was also quite liked as the vision of a romantic triangle with the protagonist was seen as a possibility. 

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After her initial appearance, she received much love and affection from all over the globe and she was ranked as the fifth best female fictional figure based on votes. Her claim to fame has since made her a public figure with many appearances in games like Ehrgeiz, Advent Children, Kingdom Hearts II etc. She also claims her charismatic presence in electronic board games such as Itadaki Street Special, Itadaki Street Portable. Gamers love her along with the critics for her dignified way of fighting against the bad and her strong female persona that she exhibits all throughout the game. If you are her fan then do not miss out on the Tifa Lockhart hot bikini pictures.

The animated version of Tifa Lockhart has been voiced by none other than the infamous and talented actress Rachel Leigh Cook. Her voice has breathed life into the character making Tifa even more popular. The other famous actress who portrayed Tifa in person is the beautiful Japanese actress Ayumi Ito. Her portrayal is historic and central to the character’s development. The talent of both the actresses combined along with the perfect fictitious character made Tifa Lockhart a legendary figure who rules the heart and minds of many people. Her achievements have given strong competition to Lara Croft and she has also been compared to Lara Croft. Tifa has also been awarded the prestigious title of being the “pin-up girl” of this “cyber generation’ by the famous The New York Times. She has also been on the receiving end of many other ranks and awards from Game Daily, Electronic Gaming Monthly, GameFront etc.


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