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Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, famously known as ‘Katy Perry’ is an American singer, songwriter and actress. She was born on October 25 ,1984 in Santa Barbara, California to Pentecostal pastors Mary Christine and Maurice Keith Hudson. Perry has here descendants from English, German, Irish and Portuguese origin. She also is maternal niece of Frank Perry, an American stage director and filmmaker.

She started singing publicly at the age of 13 Perry singing career started when the then two rock stars Steve Thomas and Jennifer Knapp, both of whom were CCM artists.Her initial Gospel songs, were received with lukewarm garnishing. Eventually she changed her name to ‘Katy Perry’, taking on her mother’s family name to avoid confusion with ‘Kate Hudson’. In 2015, Katy Perry  bikini was seen relaxing in yacht in Sydney after months of performances, the pictures show what a natural beautiful woman she is.


MAVRIXONLINE.COM – DAILY MAIL ONLINE OUT – Katy Perry and her entourange including her brother David, enjoy a day off at Atlantis Paradise Island after her sold out concert last night. Perry enjoyed a cigarette and made the most of the amazing water park, having fun on the slides and rides the resort has to offer. Paradise Island, Nassau. 7/18/2010
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Her career breaking track was for the 2005 film ‘The sisterhood of Travelling Pants’, then one with Mick Jagger’s album, which one her a golden globe award for the song ‘Old Habits Die Hard’. From on, she had many hit albums like Prism, Teenage Dreams, Love Stuck, California Gurls etc. and the list goes on. Katy Perry Bikini pic make me mad .


Perry won several awards including Guinness World Records and was also featured in Forbes list of ‘Top women in Music’. Katy Perry  bikini had a photo for famous magazine FHM.

This Libran lady is 31 years old and had a brief marriage to Russell Brand and were divorced in 2012. She is one of those lucky ladies who had special lunch treat from US first lady Michelle Obama on her 28th Birthday.

Katy Perry her full name Katherine Hudson is the American singer and song writer. The bold actress is quiet famous for her chic and outrageous clothing during her onstage performance. However her swimsuit portrait cannot be hidden from camera as well. We have summed up some of Katy Perry bikinipics are too  hot stuff and sneak into ample of her assets. Hold on your desires boys :

Katy Perry was spotted with her boyfriend Orland vacating in Italy in August. She was wearing a black floral tied up bikini revealing most of her assets and her boyfriend was shirtless showing his toned body. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other in public as they were kissing, cuddling, rubbing oil on each other body.

It seems she wears this two piece brings her happiness and luck as has been wearing this suit most of the time. Katy previously was spotted with her boyfriend Orland in Hawaii in her pink tied bikini and he was spotted in his pink swim pants. The pink bikini photos of Katy Perry was showing scrumptious body and her nipple were flashing from her upper piece. In a moment of celebration she was also captured in a video where she was celebrating her boyfriend’s birthday in clad bikini. A perfect gift and feast for Orland eyes.

It is true that Katy has been listed in Guinness record and it seems that she will break the record of travelling the world on the beaches in the bikini.

The singer broke all stereotype while mixing clothing with food. She extolled her fans with blue hair and cupcakes bikini. The whipped cream on her booby cheeks gave feast for eyes and salivating for wanting more to all her fans. Her cupcake bikini was most talk of the town and it was seen that someone was so impressed with her attire that the little girls replicated same on her costume during a concert. But she was slammed for it as it did not go well with media



 Recently we saw picture her body clad in bikini again in Australia enjoying her summer time having fun in her sea gull retro style bikini posted her picture on instagram with boat name sassy. Long back she was also spotted in pink colour bikini covering herself with top coat still giving a glimpse of her hot and sexy body on boat in Australia.

The actress also showed her kind act featuring in two piece by taking ice bucket challenge to support disease ALS. Katy all time favourite Black bikini with no other colour as dark as black was spotted in Miami and fedora spending time in shade with a magazine in her hand.

As actress looks stunning in their skimpy bikini revealing their sexy figure which is a good site of course. Sometimes there are oops moments which is captured by shutterbugs and it becomes the talk of the town. Katy Perry also fell prey to such incident where she laced up herself in two piece and it was washed off in a water park giving glimpse of her no cellulite perfect derriere.


Katy Perry, the 31 year hot singer was born on 25th October. She was born in Santa Barbara in California. This hot singer became famous for her song, I kissed a girl. Now a days she is being seen with Orlando Bloom, this couple has been the sizzling trend been popped up in to the Hollywood news.

After done with the fall of three records she signed Capitol in the year 2007.she released the song Ur So Gay, which was her first single and the next song I Kissed a Girl, just give it a booming blast. The album teenage dreams was launched in the year 2010.

The relation goes to the family lane

Katy Perry has now been in new with Orlando. But she kept a low profile while meeting him. Of course, she was tired due to her long journey but she was hiding herself from the media. Or she doesn’t want to her relationship to be revealed soon on the front page.

Orlando tale a visit to Katy while receiving her at the airport. And Katy as keen to be hand free, she carried her belongings in the bum bag. As she was quite busy describing here where abouts to her friends, specifically to Orlando, about her trip which actually revealed out the significant step in the relation. So yes, it confirmed the rumor about Katy and Orlando’s relationship. According to one report which was published in the Mirror, Orlando chose a big show in Buckinghamshire, last Tuesday and introduced Katy to his mother.

Well this was not all we are surely going to see more about this hot blooming couple in the further months. Katy and Orlando, look as beautiful as they are one has the magic of voice and the other is a charming actor. Hope they spread love more and their fans will be waiting to know more about their relationship status.


Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson is a 33 years old  American singer, songwriter, and television judge popularly known as Katy Perry. She has earned accolades for her commendable performances since 2008, with the release of her second album named, One of the Boys.She had also been awarded many music awards and her name has been included in the annual Forbes lists of highest-earning women in music from 2011–2017. She is a youth icon and considered to be one of the most glamorous amidst all American young stars. She has always been in the news due to her bohemian lifestyle and her love interest in Orlando Bloom. She has also contributed to a lot of welfare organizations which work for economically backward children. She had been nominated for the Grammy for 13 times.

Recently it has been heard that in an attempt to cure her homesickness she has purchased a puppy from South Korean dog café. She has another puppy whom she has named Nugget. She is recently judging the reality show called American Idol. Lately, she landed herself in a controversy when she forcefully kissed a male teenager participant on the show. She was further slammed by netizens when the guy confessed that he felt uncomfortable by the sudden kiss.

She will be performing in a lot of upcoming events around the world. Her concerts are to be held in Seoul, Singapore, Bangkok, Mexico, Zurich and a couple of various other places. Her fourth concert tour is known as Witness: The Tour.

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