Top 10 Sexy Zooey Deschanel Bikini Pics

Zooey Deschanel is an famousAmerican singer-songwriter, producer, actress and model. She was born in California on January 17, 1980. In the year 1999, she has made her film debut in the move Mumford. She received great appreciations from the leading directors for her great performance. She has also performed in many dramatics films which include Winster and All the real girls. For her great performance in the movies, she has received three golden globe award and Emmy award. She has also received Grammy Award for best song written for visual Media for her popular song. Zooey Deschanel bikini pics are enough to seduce her fans.

All images are copied from Zooey Deschanel Instagram account:



















She is the younger daughter of director and cinematographer Caleb Deschanel. Her mother is Mary Jo Deschanel. Her ancestry includes English, Swiss, Dutch and French. Emily Deschanel is her older sister who is also an actress. She spent her half childhood in the city of Los Angeles. She is not a fond of travelling and hates travelling. She always wanted to be a great actress. To pursue acting, she attended Northwestern University for only 9 months and dropped out.



Coming to her personal life, she is allergic to wheat gluten, eggs and dairy. She used to be a vegan but given up due to food sensitivities. In the year of 2008, she became engage to Ben Gibbard who is a famous musician. They married soon after a year and soon announced separation. In 2012, the divorce was finalized between them.

Deschanel is also known for her great looks and flawless personality. She has won hearts of her millions fans all around the world. She is active on her twitter and facebook account. You can follow her to see zooey deschanel bikini images and other information. Soon, she would be appearing in new movies for sure.



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