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American singer and song writer Beyonce Knowles is one of the most hyped and popular Hollywood celebrity of the recent times. People go all gaga over her songs and her sexy body. Her trend-setting dressing sense and hair styles makes her name appear regularly on magazines. Beyonce bikini photos are among her best ones; all thanks to her voluptuous sexy bod! Grammy award winner Beyonce Knowles truly knows how to play it right! Many of her songs are listed among Billboard Hot 100 list. She is also the most awarded artist in the MTV Video Music Awards with a whopping 24 wins. She is listed as the Most Powerful Woman in entertainment industry by Forbes in the year 2015.

Beyonce bikini look in one of the most talked about things in Hollywood. Married to top Hollywood male rapper Jay Z, Beyonce takes care of her personal life as efficiently as her professional life. She is often seen with her four year old daughter, Blue Ivy, in public places and duo looks absolutely adorable together. One of the wealthiest Hollywood female celebs of all times, Beyonce makes a lot of news.

Now that Beyoncé has turned 34. The last years have turned out to be really fabulous for her. She has been really worked hard and also drop in with the surprise albums which featured world tours with Mrs. Carter World Tour and also on a Run Tour with Jay Z, her husband. Now that she is off from the vacations she has been posting her sexy and hot pics of the vacation. Beyoncé in a bikini has definitely stunned everyone.

She is definitely hot and that is what made her landing covers images for different magazines like Flaunt, CR Fashion Book, and recently she shot for the Vogue magazine too. She definitely deserves a salute as she managed her family as well as personal life pretty well. She has been sharing her moments on vacation with Jay Z, relaxing in Hawaii on beach. Beyonce bikini shoots have really been awesome and definitely she flaunts her body pretty well.

Beyonce is an American songwriter, singer, actress and record producer. She was born in Texas, the US in Septemeber 4, 1981. She was raised and born in Texas where she performed in many dancing and singing competition as a kid. She is very talented and has a great acting skill. Beyonce Bikini photos and Beyonce in Bikini avatar is really hot and sexy.

Her father is Mathew Knowles, who is a Xerox sales manager and her mother is Celestine Ann is a hair dresser. Her family supported her during her difficult times and helped her to reach her destiny. Beyonce was raised in a Methodist household. Many famous magazines show Beyonce in a Bikini look to get more attention from her fans all around the world. She always wanted to be a great singer and actress. To achieve her goals, she has done hard works and always motivate herself.

Currently, she is one of the most popular singers in the world. She has given many great songs to her fans which are really awesome and unforgettable. In the year 2016, she has released a new single and music video titled Formation. The song can be downloaded free from anywhere. During the super bowl 50 halftime show, she has performed the new single live.

When it comes to her social work, she has done many great charities to the needy people worldwide. She loves doing charities and helping people. Beyonce is connected with many charitable organizations and motivate others to do charities as much as they can.

Soon, she would be releasing her new album and has a lot of expectations from it. She is expecting a lot from her new songs and want her fans to love it. Her fans would be happy by listening to them.

Beyonce and Blue Ivy’s rock it together!

Beyonce is often termed as the ‘Cool Hollywood mom’. Mother of four and a half year old Blue Ivy, Beyonce is often seen with her at different public events. A few weeks ago Beyonce was seen with her daughter and hubby Jay Z at the CFDA Awards where she won the Fashion Icon Award. Her family was there to cheer her at the Award show. Beyonce bikini pics are very popular among her fans and so are her public appearance pics.

But recently she was seen with Ivy in an interesting look. She was wearing a pink Gucci jacket with white and pink striped pant. Her goggles and cap suited her look. But the cherry on the cake was her daughter who was dressed equally adorably! Ivy wore a denim jacket with ‘slay’ written behind her. She paired it up with a cute multi colored skirt. The cute mommy-daughter pair had a secret handshake and Beyonce shared the GIF over social media.

Before this event, they have shot many pics together by matching up their costumes. This July the mother and daughter opted for floral Gucci dresses and shot many pics in front of the Eiffel Tower. They truly rock it together!

Are Solange and Beyonce the new Michael and Janet Jackson?

Brother-Sister duo have often tried their hands in music industry. Only a few of them succeed and Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson were certainly on the top of the list. With a successful music career, the brother sister duo were truly the best among all. But with the demise of Michael Jackson, their success story broke and now it is time for new talent to take their place. Solange and Beyonce Knowles can certainly be named as the next Michael and Janet.

Beyonce is currently showering with the success of her last single Lemonade and her sister Solange is not far behind. She has recently scored the position of number 1 in Billboard Top 200 chart for her song ‘A Seat At The Table’. The star’s rising popularity is making her sister proud and the duo have thus become one of the two sibling duos to have their song listed at the top spot of Billboard 200 List. Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson’s songs Invincible and All For You had made it to the top of the Billboard charts back in 2001. Since then no other sibling duo had been successful in doing so till Solange and Beyonce arrived. Kudos to the sisters!

Look who were the last minute surprises in Beyonce’s Formation Tour!

Beyonce has been making a lot of news these days owing to her critically acclaimed song ‘Lemonade’ and her Formation World Tour. She sand six of her top notch hit singles of all times including her last song Lemonade. With over 40 shows in the world tour, Beyonce sang her heart out in each of them and gave her best. The tour has fetched an estimate of over 210 million pounds and is the highest grossing tour of the year 2016. Beyonce bikini themed clothes in the tour made her look even more sexy and sensuous than ever.

The last show was held at New Jerey’s Metlife Stadium and was one hell of a ride for her fans. With over 80,000 people gathering for her performance, the show was a magnanimous and sensational hit. Top notch Hollywood celebs like Hugh Jackman and Frank Ocean were among the concert audience. But surprise elements of the tour were Beyonce’s husband Jay Z and tennis star Serena Williams!

Jay Z appeared towards the end of her performance for the song ‘Drunk In Love’. The tour had started in the month of April 2016 and since then Jay Z had never appeared on the tour till now. His appearance was welcomed by huge applause and cheer from the audience and the duo’s performance was a cherry on the cake.

Kendrick Lamar did a cameo dance off in the pool during Freedom. Beyonce bikini look in the performance was a huge hit. Beyonce bikini themed yellow dress garnered a lot of positive reviews from fahionistas from all over the world. Tennis queen Serena Williams also appeared on the show. She had appeared in the music video of Sorry and her involvement in the tour made the tour even more successful. Serena twerked away while Beyonce sang on stage. The audience went all gaga over the stars and cheered them though out their performance.

Here are some of the best Beyonce bikini pics in HD quality along with some Beyonce bikini-themed costumes:

Beyonce had scheduled her performance in New Jersey last month. But she postponed it to give her voice some rest. The tour had been quite exhausting for her. On the last night of her tour she thanked her tour crew members, dancers and background singers who have performed with her for the last six months.

Here is what she had to say about her fans and supporters “I have so much energy because of you guys feeding it to me. I really wanted to make this show special. This is definitely my dream right here. I dreamt that I would be doing this and I’m actually doing it, and I could not be here without you and your support. I wake up every morning I thank God for being able to do what I love and to be able to perform and entertain you guys. So thank you for trusting me and allowing me to still be here 20 years. Thank you.”

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