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Katrina Kaif  is a British film actress and model. Primarily known for her work in Hindi films, Kaif has also appeared in Telugu and Malayalam films. In addition to being one of Bollywood’s highest-paid actresses, she is considered one of India’s most attractive celebrities by the media.Katrina kaif is the most popular actress in Bollywood . She started her career in boom and after that, she did a wide number of a movie which proves that she is extra ordinary actress. So you can find the latest images of kissing scene from boom and Dhoom 3. Katrina Kaif Kiss video are viral over youtube after Dhoom 3. You can Watch Katrina Kaif Sexy Bikini Picture.

Well there was a time when she was one of the favorites among many Bollywood directors bit as Salman Khan break off the knot with her career seems to subdue. Afterall, no one has been spared who goes against Salman Khan be it the recent controversy of Arjit Singh… So Katrina after Fitoor, which couldn’t gain much success, is to be seen in the movie Jagga Jasoos opposite her ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor.

Oh gosh… This must be recent news to the readers or was it… A bit to those who were not aware of their break up, this couple irrespective of the countless tried made by their mothers could not get together… So seems like this will be a big No, where this couple was about to tie a knot of the wedding is not even ready to face each other which also lead to a delay in the movie cast. And recently it has been reported that after the breakup Ranbir seems to become a drug addict. Our Rockstar has long gone guys…We are not likely to see him in many films and so is Katrina. Movies might not be in her Court but recently she has a shoot with the Vogue. Have a look at the hot and glamorous killer looks of Katrina Kaif. For more photos visit our website.


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Apart from Jagga Jasoos this year there is also going to be another release with the Karan Johar Production Baar Baar Dekho starring Siddharth Malhotra.


Also, we would be adding an exciting news that is the upcoming movies that are


  • Partner 2 with Salman Khan,
  • Dostana 2 with John Abraham and Abhishek Bachchan and
  • Jewel of India with Amitabh Bachchan.

So well there is not at all a full stop to her career but certainly what is much more expected has certainly went down drain as the position has been snatched away by the upcoming stars of the Bollywood Deepika and Priyanka. So if Katrina wants to stay still in the queue then definitely she has to give a lot hotter at the box office or their will be no time that she will be signing of her Bollywood career. Has it been more to come, Karan also said that he has nothing to with the breakup issue and controversy until it affects his film?

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Well guys let me give you a crispy and stick news too Salman and Katrina are to be paired up one again in the Raj Kumar Santoshi’s production. Also, the sources said that the upcoming movie under the Kabir Khan’s production is also not happening and the next starter Raj Kumar Santoshi is to be produced by Alvira who is also the closest friend to Katrina. Though her role is not big enough still she will be pairing opposite Salman and the couple would be putting up a sizzling hot chemistry. So this is a lot more fun to be engaged with the upcoming films. Which film are you guys waiting for?


Katrina Kaif personal life has been the subject of extensive media attention. She is reluctant to discuss her romantic life: “I have always believed that there is life before marriage and after marriage. Before marriage … you are termed a single woman and I choose to conduct that part of my life with absolute dignity and discretion”.

Although rumors of a relationship with Salman Khan first emerged in 2003 it was not until after their 2010 break-up that Kaif spoke of the affair, calling it her first serious relationship. They have remained friends, and the actress credits Khan with giving her confidence and guidance:



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