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Having seen a lot many biopics to be released this year, we heard that Kareena Kapoor Khan is soon to release her biopic and she will be enacting herself. Well we have seen a lot of biopic on legends and many actors but this is going to be something new. As no one knows entirely about Kareena Kapoor Khan and this will be a real good deal to manage the things in and out. Watch Kareena Kapoor bikini Wallpapers & Kareena kapoor Wallpapers.

Well Kareena is being busy promoting her upcoming movie, Udta Punjab… Seems like a help lot of buzz has been created on the promos as Shahid and Kareena has been seeing sharing the same stage after a longed nine years.. Well this is actually not a Grand out duo buzz as they both shared the same film and after all both are happily married in their lives too. Also she has been busy in the upcoming movie, Veera di shaadi..


Well after a great success of Ki and Ka, Kareena has once again proven that no one can take her place in Bollywood. And she is really excited to play the lead role in Rhea Kapoor’s, Veera di shaadi, playing Veera.

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Kareena kapoor Wallpapers

Kareena kapoor Wallpapers

Kareena kapoor Wallpapers

Kareena kapoor Wallpapers

Kareena kapoor Wallpapers

Well, Rhea, sister to Sonam Kapoor especially asked Kareena to play the lead role and the trio seems to have a lot of fun these days. Have a sneak peak at some of the lovely moments captured by Kareena and Sonam; behind the scenes. Well she is all set to play Blake Lively’s character in this upcoming chick flick, the movie directed by Shashank Ghosh.

The film is also be said to have a amazing light course that will be loved by the audience and with the fabulous duo of Kareena and Sonam we will also be seeing some new faces in Bollywood. Actresses Swara Bhaskar and Shikha Talsania will be seeing to be casted in the supporting roles for this movie. Also the film is the Hollywood adaptation of the movie: The sisterhood of the traveling pants. The movie is said to be revolving around four friends and their journey. The movie titled, Veera Di Shaadi, goes around a big fan Punjabi wedding of the character Veera, played by Kareena Kapoor Khan. She recently reported that she has loved the idea of the film and agreed to play the role. She is really excited to play the lead role after being appraised in the movie for her acting in Ki and Ka.

A chew on Veera di shaadi

In the movie The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, we see four friends find themselves a perfect pair of jeans that easily fits them all, on one of the last trips while they were out on shopping and then hatch the plan to share the same pair of jeans among themselves that they once shopped.

We can’t wait to watch the beauties Kareena and Sonam to share the same screen space for the first time. Are you guys too waiting?


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