Tollywood Actress Trisha Bathroom Video leaked

South Indian actresses have been famous in India equally as the Bollywood actresses. However, there has been some major scandals aka controversies with South Indian actresses too. One of them is Trisha. Trisha is very popular Tollywood actress and her fame has brought her to Bollywood industry too where she debuted with movie Khatha Meetha opposite Akshay Kumar. Right from Trisha hot images being viral to Trisha’s HD photos photo shoot being leaked but in her career, Trisha has faced a major controversy of a bathroom video leaked on her name. It was Trisha’s Bathroom Videos Photos, which brought a huge issue down south.

Check out Trisha Bathroom Video controversy

Trisha’s bikini as well as Trisha hot images had remained in news lately for her films and but Trisha hot images and video of her bathing went viral. It was back in 2004 when Trisha hot photos spread like a fire. It was rumoured that Trisha have attempted suicide because of dispute with father and at that very time an email was circulating involving Trisha hot pics and a bathing video. Trisha Bathroom video was 2 and half minutes long and was easily available on Internet for people to have Trisha Bathroom video downloaded.

But when asked Trisha regarding the same, Trisha bluntly denied of being herself in the video clips as well as photos and claimed that the Trisha Bathroom videos and photos were altered and it was not her but someone else.

Trisha was adamant to her answer and said that the clip was circulated to spoil her image. To join her, was her mother, as she gave statement in the media that she had a chance to view Trisha photos and videos and denied of her being in the clip. Adding to it, her mother said, Trisha generally takes bath in bathtub and not take a shower and the body language, which the girl as Trisha portrayed, was also not similar. Her mother thrashed Trisha hot pics and video clips to be a tool for defaming her daughter. She also denied her suicide attempt and dispute with Father.

Later on when Trisha came out in open to talk about the Trisha Bathroom video being leaked along with some Trisha photos, she said that the video was not made with the help of Hidden camera. Infact the lady acting to be Trisha knew where camera was, had eye contact and did seducing moves.

Trisha bikini photos too started spreading and in every website, newspapers and news channel there were Trisha latest photos roaming around. Trisha then met the police commissioner of Chennai and filed a complaint against it. The issue got a hype because one of the Tamil weekly published Trisha‘s hot photos taken as screenshots from the video. The editor was arrested shortly and the issue became a much talked about in Tollywood.

Trisha Hot Photos

Till now, Trisha HD images and Trisha bathroom videos and photos are spreading over the internet where it is claimed that Trisha is seen undressing in the Bathroom video. With the evidences, it was proved of Trisha being not in the video but the lady posing as Trisha in the video is still unknown.

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