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The film Love day- Pyar ka Din happens to be comedy, drama poised to show friendship of three best friends. It’s said life without friend is hell, but when you have friends who are no less than devil, you may enjoy living in hell. The movie focuses on the journey of three childhood best friends; Monty (Ajaz Khan), Sandy (Sahil Anand) and Harry (Harsh Nagar). Amongst them two Sandy and Harry often fall into trouble due to Monty’s notorious acts. It’s not a new story or some explicable performance by actors but every director has its own way spelling a charm on audience while some may evoke a sense of laughing gigs in or some may just induce a nauseous feeling. 

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Well, to roll on the story further is such that 3 boys who share amazing friendship with each other. It’s a well known that if two are straight the third is often crook exactly this happens here as well and Monty is thug and often leads to some mischief and all three lands up in trouble .


The film depicts some sex comedy where they turn their hostels into brothels and canteens into bar. But when its beyond the boundaries the other two keep a safe distance from Monty. However after their college life gets over they start living their adulthood looser life (one of the friend gets married to the aspiring actress Saheba -Shaloo Singh),and to escape from routine life they need some break and want to make a remarkable film on their lives. Where upon their long lost friend jump into character and he comes up with a idea to finance the film. But as usual the plan backfires them an put their friendship in the hardest plot. The story is written and directed by written and directed by Harish Kotian and Sandeep Choudhary. Sumesh Himanshu, Raina Sawan, Sagar Sarkar, Vishnu Narayan composed music for the film.

The role of Aijaz is sweet rogue living a thug life but due his over acting he is not so charming and endearing. the other two cast has given upto the mark keeping the consistency throughout the movie. the actress has no role to play majorily but she is often showing more of her smile than acting.

The masala and confusion in the film has led to some randomness and it looks more of a directionless film. The story has a hotch potch of many films like Masti, hangover, hera pheri and 3 idiots.


But these movies are epitome of comedy and beyond compared to the irreplaceable jodis of 3 friends who mark their friendship with perfect punches. The string of sharing chemistry and co ordination was however missing in Love Day. The main stay of the movie is bromance and adventure they come up to. All one could say is a nice attempt to make a film humorous.


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