Know the Hidden Truths Behind Bollywood Casting Couch

Bollywood may seem to be full of glamour and stardom from the outside but there are many things that are kept hidden to maintain the reputation of the industry. However truth cannot be kept hidden for long as it expresses itself sooner or later. Bollywood casting couch is something which many of us are aware and many of us are unaware of. The term originated specifically in the movie or entertainment industry where specific references are given to couches at offices of various famous directors/producers to be used for sexual activities between the casting director and the aspiring actors and actresses.

Bollywood casting couch is basically a way of exchanging sexual favors in return of getting casted in a film or an upcoming project or for better growth in career. Below is the list of actresses who were not spared from casting couch in Bollywood:

Below is the list of actresses who were not spared from Bollywood Casting Couch


  1. Kangana Ranaut: The queen of Bollywood Kangana was even the victim of this so called Bollywood casting couch. While auditioning for the film Tanu Weds Manu, the actress was concerned about something and it was something related to the casting couch in Bollywood industry. She was asked to sleep after the audition was over to which she denied strongly. We can see that even after turning down something like that she is one of the popular actresses in Bollywood.
  2. Mamta Kulkarni: When China Gate was on the process of making, even actress Mamta Kulkarni was not spared from the dirt of Bollywood. She was offered sex by the famous director Rajkumar Santoshi in exchange of the role. According to news, she did compromised a bit but there is no proof of that as such. No matter what she did but she was famous during her time in Bollywood.
  3. Rina Golan: If we talk about falling victim to casting couch then not only Indian actresses but also actresses from outside have also fallen victim to it. Rita Golan who came all the way from Israel became victim of Bollywood casting couch by famous director Subhash Ghai. She mentioned about it after returning to her own country in her autobiography. That was an insult for the industry and the country as well.
  4. Mamta Patel: Mostly actresses are harassed and exploited by directors and producers but this actress accused actor Irfan Khan for couching in the film Paan Singh Tomar. She accused Irfan Khan to be in a compromising position which put the actress in deep shame. Well it’s tough to believe that a gem like Irfan Khan will do something like that.
  5. Gettika Tyagi: This actress also faced a lot of trouble related to Bollywood casting couching at the beginning of her career. She accused Subhashish Kapoor for couching and a video was also revealed in which the duo was speaking. We are not clear about what happened exactly but that was a controversy back then. If you are bad actress then how casting couch will help you grow in the industry, isn’t it silly?
  6. Payal Rohatgi: Payal Rohatgi was in news for getting couched by Dibakar Banerjee and the scandal came to highlight during Big Boss 2011. The incident was said to have taken place in Shanghai and was one of the controversial couching incident. No matter how good the industry seems to be, there is this darks side to it.
  7. Preeti Jain: This was one of the most discussed couching incidents as it involved the famous, realistic movie director Madhur Bhandarkar. However the incident happened in 2004 but is still fresh in the list of Bollywood casting couch However the case was in favor of Madhur Bhandarkar and was all settled in the court. After all everyone is adult and have their consents.
  8. Suchitra Krishnamurthy: This actress accused the producer of Seksuyul for couching in the year 2009. The couching incident was disclosed by the actress to her acquaintances and then the matter came in front of the entire public. No matter how many years ago these incidents took place, they are still fresh.
  9. Tisca Chopra: Even this super talented actress who did a hell lot of movies was not spared from the dark world of Bollywood casting couch. She also faced the same but her answer was that she can d it on her merits and need not have to do it. Well we guess you didn’t ha to do that because you are so damn talented.
  10. Kalki Koechlin: This brainy beauty knows how to manage such side of the glamour world and many times when she got entangled in it she managed her way out. Eve she was also a victim of casting couch but she never gave up on her morals to get something called a role in a movie. She is a smart girl after all you know.

There are many more actresses in Bollywood such as Zarine Khan, Mugda Godse, Nargis Fakhri and others and no one knows what they have been through. However we thank these bold and beautiful actresses to speak up about the dark side of the glamour world and we salute their strength and morals which have kept them stand still in such situations and helped them act smartly. Keep up the good work ladies and always trust yourself and the talent in you. That is the only way you can touch heights and become successful and not through such casting couches.

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