Check out the list of Bollywood male actors without makeup

Bollywood is all about glamor and style. Those young looks and extraordinary charm is just amazing. But wait, are they did real or they are just the result of makeup, facial treatments and cosmetic products?. Bollywood male actors without makeup were spotted without makeup and while some of them looked absolutely perfect without make up some didn’t looked close to how they look with makeup. These examples tell us that no human us ever spared from the effects of aging and everyone has to be the victim of the same. Moreover there are times when it is not possible to carry on the makeup all the time and hence these famous celebrities were spotted without makeup and you won’t believe how they look like. Below is the list of few famous Bollywood male actors who were spotted without makeup:


Check out Bollywood Male Actors Without Makeup:

1. Rajinikanth:


One of the famous Bollywood and South Indian actors, Rajinikanth is well know for his extraordinary acting and epic movies. Thus actor is 64 and looks nothing like that on screen. But when you spot him without makeup then you will see another side of him which is so not cool. Well it simply proves that time leaves its effect on everyone.

2. Abhishek Bachchan:


Junior Bachchan looks somewhat cool like his old buddy but that is definitely the effect of makeup. When media spotted Junior Bachchan without makeup he looks so not hot as we have seen him on the silver screen.

3. Salman Khan:

 This Dabangg actor when spotted without make also looks amazing but nothing can substitute make up for having a stunning look which Salman carries all the way long. However without makeup also Salman looks good but we love him more when is more stylish and charming in his looks. He is one without makeup Bollywood hero who looks cool without makeup as well.


4. Arjun Kapoor:

He definitely has some killer looks but unfortunately that is without makeup. He looks amazing when he is with makeup but he doesn’t look so cool without makeup. Still we all love him no matter how he looks.

5. Shah Rukh Khan:


Undoubtedly he is the king of Bollywood but even ageing hasn’t spared him either. With makeup he is this so darn handsome dude but without makeup he is someone else. We all have seen him flaunting his young skin on screen at the age of 49 but when the media snapped him without makeup then everyone got to know the secrets behind his young looks.

6. Akshay Kumar:

 Khiladi of Bollywood us one of the handsome actors of Bollywood and is known for his extra charming looks and amazing dressing and acting style. But when the media spotted him with white beards and with no makeup then we got to know that it’s sham e of makeup and nothing else.

These Bollywood male actors without makeup are just like us and they are also the victim of them and aging. So no matter how they look like, we will love them always and they will always be our favorite actors undoubtedly.

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