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Mila Kunis, originally Milena Markovna, an American actress was born on 14th August,1983 in Ukrainian SSR in Soviet Union to Elvira and Mark Kunis. She moved with her family to Los Angeles at the age of 7. Her significant role was in a television show ‘That 70’s show’ where she played the character of Jackie Burkhart for which she won ‘Young Star Award’ as best young actresses in 1999 and 2000. She was a mere 15-year-old kid when she played that role. Mila Kunis Bikini Pic can be seen along with Kristen Dunst in the movie ’Get Over It

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Kunis started her film career with a small role in ‘Get Over it’ and then later starred in ‘America Psycho 2’ a sequel to much famous America Psycho, which was panned by critics and critically failed at box office.

Her success started from the famous movie ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ as most adorable Racheal Jansen. From then on there was no going back for this wide-eyed beauty, she went to star in many hit movies such as Friends with Benefits, action movie Max PayneTedOz the Great and Powerful and also her much accolade role in Black Swan, for which she was nominated for Golden Globe and Screen Guild awards.  

Mila Kunis in bikini in the movie forgetting Sarah Marshall and Friends with Benefits garnered her wide recognition.

This 32-year Russian beauty is a Leo (Could make it by the charm she oozes) and is married to her co-start in That 70’s show and Friends with Benefits, Ashton Kutcher and recently welcomed their daughter.


Kunis was initially blind in one eye due to chronic iritis for which she underwent a surgery to correct it and now all is fine. She enjoys Skydiving and loves playing World of Warcraft .You can also Watch Katy Perry Bikini Pic Collection 

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