Rani Mukherjee Daughter Photos & Aditya Chopra Daughter Images

Rani Mukherjee after getting married to Aditya Chopra was pregnant with his child. They got married on April 21, 2014 and were blessed with a cute little daughter on December 9, 2015. They named her Adira and we can guess that to be an amalgamation of the name of both Rani and Aditya. However after getting married Rani Mukherjee kept a very low profile and didn’t entertained media much and didn’t interact as well. She chose to keep her personal life personal instead of making it a hot topic of discussion. Even after getting pregnant, she didn’t disclose the news soon and was away from the limelight and spies. After childbirth, the photo of Rani Mukherjee’s daughter was doing rounds over the internet and you too can see Rani Mukherjee daughter photos on the internet.

The little angel looked damn cute and she is just as beautiful as her mother. However the couple didn’t brought this news to highlight, still many news and media channels succeeded in getting some glimpse of the couple and their first born which went viral at that time. Rani Mukherjee’s daughter Adira is no less than her mother and is getting all the perks of being a star kid from day one itself. The entire internet is flooded with Rani Mukherjee daughter photos which is so adorable and cute to watch.

Once Paparazzi spotted Rani outside the airport when she returned from Paris but they missed her daughter Adira. However Rani was totally out of form and was nothing like before. Well we guess that it was her post pregnancy look or post marriage look. We also think that she was not in a mood to look glamorous at that moment and will get back to her old avatar whenever she feels like. But yes Rani Mukherjee with daughter Adira looks the best and this mother-daughter duo is so cute to ignore.
To check how their entire family looks like after the entry of this angel in their life then check out Rani Mukherjee Daughter Photos over the internet and you will get a happy family photograph after all.

No matter how many films she did and how many awards she received but motherhood is something which she cherished more than anything and yes she is no less beautiful as a mother either. Her post-pregnancy look may seem to be dull for someone but that is her choice and she can be like that as long as she wants. What matters to her is how she is with her daughter and family and how much she is loved by them. Apart from that, this baby girl Adira is someone to whom everyone is looking forward to for making this duo one of the most blessed couples.

Rani after getting married is no less beautiful than before and we all hope to see the glamorous Rani soon. After all this phase of life doesn’t come every now and then and can be feel once in a lifetime.

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