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Alicia Keys, whose real name is Alicia Augello Cook, is a renowned American singer, actress, record producer and song writer. Her first album, Songs in a Minor, itself was a major hit selling over 12 million copies all over the globe. She is the first female ever to have her MTV Unplugged album at the top of the charts since the release of Nirvana in the year 1994. She is a 15 time Grammy winner and Billboard has tagged her as the best R&B performer of the 2000s. Alia Keys bikini photos and Alicia Keys bikini images are among the hottest bikini images of Hollywood music artists. That is part of the reason why VH1 also named her among the 100 Sexiest Artists. 

Alicia Keys is one of the many Hollywood actresses who support make-up free appearances. She has pledged to star make-up free in her upcoming vides and concerts. Following her path are many other stars like Lady Gaga, Salma Hayek, Kylie Jenner, Cindy Crawford. She is listed among hottest music stars alongside Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey  etc.

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Alicia’s kids motivate her to fight against AIDS in children

Alicia is an active fighter against AIDS in children. She has always taken initiative to work for the progress of health care support for such children. She is the Global ambassador and co-founder of Keep A Child Alive which is a non-profit organization working for medical support for children suffering from AIDS in Africa. The Grammy winner recently told People’s magazine that her children motivate to work in this field harder and harder.


“It’s always been way more impactful — even in part of my speech tonight, I talk about how the children who don’t receive access to the medicine that Keep a Child Alive provides oftentimes won’t reach 2 years old. And my son [Genesis] is just about to be 2 years old. Whoa. Can you imagine? So, it gives me a reference point that’s way different than even before. It’s an even deeper understanding of why the fight against AIDS has to continue.”


The star has two children with her producer husband Swizz Beatz named Egypt and Genesis. Beatz has a son named Kaseem from a previous relationship. He is proud of Alicia’s work and realizes the importance of their children seeing their parents’ effort towards such a genuine cause.


At a recent interview he said, “I really see my wife on the front lines. What people don’t understand is this is her every day. She’s calling governors and signing petitions to change laws and she’ll never speak about it. [For her to] be so humble and so graceful in her movements is very inspiring.”


According to Alicia, her children have not only inspired her to go ahead with the AIDS project but they have also made her realize the importance of self-care and meditation.

“It’s been really important for me. I started time and time [again], tried it, fell asleep. But now it’s a need. It’s a yearning, a desire,” said the star at the WME’s Together conference.

Her upcoming album is ‘Here’ and here is what she had to say about it,” This album is the best music that I’ve ever made so far. It’s the most raw, the most urgent, the most conversational, the most honest that my music’s ever been. That’s why I called it Here because I’m finally here.”

“I don’t even know how we can breathe half the time. Everyone’s opinion is forced on us everywhere we look, and so it gets confusing to [offer an opinion] that hasn’t been given to you by a hundred different places. So that is the biggest change in me, and that’s really given me a sense of who I am, what I want to say, how I want to look, and what is important to me.”

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Alicia is a Clinton supporter too, urges people to vote for her

There is yet another Hillary Clinton supporter in the music industry now. Katy Perry is urging her fans and college students to vote for Hillary Clinton. Now Alicia Keys is also following her path. Recently Alicia urged fans to ‘Vote Love’ through a video featuring Hillary Clinton.

Inclining towards the Secretary of State, the Voice coach has released an impassioned three minute video by MoveOn.Org with the name “I Vote Love”. In the video Keys is seen standing in a black background and speaking her heart out on her expectations from the elections. She spoke about the hatred spread around during the elections and how she thinks that there is still hope for a better future and that will be possible with voting for Clinton.

Speaking about equality for all race and colors, Keys strongly urged people to vote for Hillary Clinton. Here is what she had to say in the video:

“In a race between moving forward together or moving backward divided, how can anyone still be undecided? Clinton is a woman who was never meant to have a seat at the table. A woman who never quit. Who never got too jaded for hope.” She said that she would be voting for Clinton and urged others to do the same by saying “So on Nov. 8 vote for Hillary Clinton. Vote because you love somebody. Yourself. Your children. Your families. Your future.”

Alicia is lining up performances in support of Hillary and wants Clinton to win the presidential elections. She is currently busy with her upcoming album ‘Here’. She recently released a song from the album called ‘Holy war’. The song speaks about the contradictory beliefs in the present society and she begs for love and spiritual satisfaction. She started the video with “If war is holy, and sex is obscene. We’ve got it twisted in this lucid dream.”

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