10 Perfectly Clicked Awkward Wedding Photos make You Think

Wedding is one of the most awaited ceremonies and one has many plans and desires for the same. But not all weddings are meant to be perfect. Some may have trouble where as some may make it weird. It is totally accepted that wedding disasters are very common and are funny too. They can happen for any reason irrespective of the efforts given to make it perfect. The internet is prove of such wedding disasters with all the awkward wedding photos that one will roll on the floor laughing if sees. There are various awkward wedding photos which you will be curious to see and after seeing them you will laugh your heart out.

Below are some of the descriptions of awkward wedding photos which you will be amazed to read and will laugh nonstop:


10. This one time a person attended a wedding with a bear. Who even bring a bear to a wedding? Well people can go to heights and do things that are just too weird.

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9. How will you feel when you see a lean and thin groom with a big, fat bride and the groom is a cop? You will simply say that the cop is serving the country in two ways, by being a cop and by marrying that girl. Well done! Man.

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8. Have you ever seen someone posing for their wedding picture at the portable toilets? Of course not. We too have never seen such weird think but a couple did and that has made to list of awkward wedding pictures.


7. Have you ever seen wedding orgies ever? Then this photo will give you some of the weirdest scenes ever. However orgies are out of fashion now but this wedding; witness something like that and that too in a very awkward manner.


6. Wedding is all about expenses and some people found some great idea to spend less on their wedding and you know how? By body painting their wedding dress. Well should we call it smart or should we call it awkward, we don’t know. But yet that is included in the awkward wedding photos.

5.Some people may be too much into playing their favorite games but who plays on the day of their wedding and if you will get to know that it’s not the groom but the bride who was busy playing a game of League of Legends then you will be stunned, we know.

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4.Have you seen a brie wearing a wedding gown and has put roller skates with that? We bet you haven’t. Actually we also haven’t seen anything as such and our consideration was what if the gown gets all tangled in the skates. That would have been one of the most awkward weddings but the picture of the bride is indeed one of the awkward wedding photos

3.This one is just too awkward to handle. On which wedding the bridesmaid strip to their undergarments? This wedding has something like that and the groom is all set with bridesmaid and got a picture clicked. Now that is an example of the ultimate awkward wedding.

2.A newly wedded couple was spotted in the middle of the road because their car broke down. That doesn’t sound awkward right? It will sound awkward when you will see that it was not the groom but the bride who was repairing the car. Whoa! Now that is so lame right, the guy doesn’t know how to repair the car.


1. Another awkward wedding was spotted where the groom made his best friend dressed as Supergirl. We wish we all had a friend like that in our life. But that was just another awkward wedding photo which you should see and laugh the whole day.

With such bizarre and weird photos, stop laughing is a challenge and whoever stops laughing is indeed has no sense of humor. No matter how awkward they are, they are still happy weddings and we wish them a happy married life ahead in the best or the weirdest way possible. So keep the fun going guys and enjoy your life to the fullest with these awkward wedding photos.

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