Top 10 Beautiful Russian Women in The World

Russian women are said to be the most beautiful women. There beauty is unmatched and they are a complete package with toned body, well-sculpted face, gorgeous looks and what not. These Russian beauties know it pretty well how to look stunning always. Also they have an incredible charm and outstanding and appealing personality. They are a combination of beauty with brains. They are ambitious and goal oriented. They are talented and are well established in the fields of fashion, politics, movies, media and what not. They are an example of perfection and are admired by everyone around the world. To know more about different Russian women check out the below list of beautiful Russian women: 

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10. Alina Artz:

An ex-soloist from the band “Sirius” and the winner of the competition “Miss Russian Night”, she is one of the most beautiful Russian women. Her beauty and charm are unmatched and she has also been a part of plays, movies and theaters. She is also listed amongst the most beautiful Russian women.

9. Alina Kabaeva:

With an exquisitely sculpted body, she is an world champion in rustic gymnastic and is one of the gorgeous looking Russian woman. With the most irresistible smile, she steals everyone’s heart.

8. Lisa Boyarskaya:

A well-known name in Russian film and theater industry, this lady is full of fame and stardom. Her films like “Irony of Fate, Continued” has got her huge popularity in the world.

7. Zoya Berber:

With the TV series “Realinie Patsani”, this woman had earned huge popularity. She was also nominated in the list of “100 most sexiest women in the country”.

6. Nyusha:

Born as Anna Vladimirovna Shurochkina, this Russian woman is known not only for her looks but also for her amazing and magical voice. She started singing at the age of 3 and cherished her breaks of being a singer.

5. Elena Zakharova: An established theater and film artist, she is a popular personality in her native. She has also acted in various TV series and plays which made her one of the most popular celebrities. She has also love for Russian culture, foreign language and literature. Her pictures can be seen in the list of beautiful Russian women. 

4. Anna Kournikova:

Another beautiful Russian woman who is a professional tennis player as well. Her charming beauty and celebrity status made her one the gorgeous looking tennis player.

3. Maria Sharapova:

Who doesn’t know this woman. She is one of the most popular face in tennis and is an established feminine player as well. She is an unique combination of beauty with talent which is a rare combination.

2. Kristina Orbakaite:

Another well known and popular pop singer, she is one of the most beautiful looking Russian women. Her beauty and fame is not hidden from anyone and has a huge fan following.

1. Alla Pugacheva:

She is the mother of the above-mentioned pop singer Kristina Orbakaite. Now e get to know where she got the charm from. She is also one of the most demanded celebrities in her country. She is one of those Russian beauties whom you simply can’t afford to miss.

These beautiful Russian women are said to be the most beautiful and attractive women in the world. They have that hidden factor in them which distinguish them from others. They are not only. Beautiful but are equally talented. They are also the most admired and demanded women in the entire world became and their beauty. Along with their dedication and hard work and ambitious attitude.

These Russian beauties are seen almost everywhere showcasing their talents. Abernathy in every way possible. They have been into movies and other fields where their presence are very important and we’ll appreciated. They along with other Russian woman are a perfect thing to see. If you also want to see how’s beautiful they are and are they indeed deserving of such compliments then you CA search over the internet for beautiful Russian women and can get a sure answer for your question. Also, you will simply admire them for everything they have. So don’t miss out such beautiful ladies as out will be your loss not to see them. Their charm and looks will drive you crazy and will make sure that you follow. Them on regular basis.

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