Top 10 Best Adult Movies In Bollywood Not For Kids

Bollywood has never missed to amaze the audiences with its movies of different genre starting from love stories, revenge stories, thrillers, action, horror, adventure and some sizzling hot and erotic movies. However, there are some movies that are actually way too good to be filmed on the big screen while some are considered to contain a hell lot of uncensored scenes and are certified adult or are called adult movies. Alike those romantic love stories and family movies, these B grade movies are also many and people watch them too. Not only watching people enjoy watching them and there are some of the best adult movies that one should never miss out watching ever.

Below is the list of some of the best adult movies of all time that are worth watching:

10. Kamasutra: A Tale of Love:

This was one of the oldest erotic movies of Bollywood and was one of the amazing directions of Mira Nair. The movie is loosely based on the famous erotic text Kamasutra written by the famous Indian saint Vatsyayana. It is till date one of the best B grade movies of Bollywood.

9. Ek Chhoti Si Love Story:

The name doesn’t actually indicate something erotic or bold but it has a hell lot of masala and hotness that one looks for in an adult movie. It is a story of a 14-year-old boy who is madly in love with a 26-year-old woman. One of the top sexy movies, it faced an outraged audience on the day of its release.

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8. Utsav:

With leading actress Rekha and actor Shekhar Suman, this movie has some highly explicit contents that made the audiences go crazy. With its erotic scenes from the era of Kamasutra, this movie has made it to the Indian adult movies list.

7. B A Pass:

Story of an elder woman who seduces a guy of a much younger age. This film casts Shilpa Shukla of Chak De India and she did a tremendous job in the movie. With her extra sensual scenes, this movie was included in the hot adult movies list.

6. Fire:

Straight from the best adult movies, this movie is one of the best adult movies of Bollywood with actresses like Shabana Azmi and other. This movie was made to change the orthodox mentality of the society about homosexuality and about the untold feelings of few women.

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5. Girlfriend:

With actresses like Isha Kopikkar and Amrita Arora, this movie focuses on homosexuality and has some of the sizzling hot scenes. This movie also irked the orthodox section of the society with its bold actions and story.

4. Aastha:


Starring Rekha and Om Puri, this movie is among the Indian best adult movies list that one should definitely watch. The sultry siren Rekha has done some of the bold scenes in the most amazing ways and this movie also deals with the major issues of the society that is prostitution and shows how women are forced into it.

3. Mastram:

A fictitious name of a writer who writes erotic tales about different people he sees in his daily life. The movie reveals the struggle of upcoming writers and how they have to compromise with their choices. It was welcomed by the audiences and was among the best adult movies in Bollywood.

2. Sins:

This movie has a much different concept and the story is about a catholic priest who has his own sexual escapades with a girl much younger than him. The movie is inspired from a true story of a priest from Kerala who was involved in sexual matters and was even accused of murder.

1. Nasha:

The sexy siren Poonam Pandey was cast in this movie and she did a really nice job. The movie is not much watched for its bold scenes but for the lady who was about to strip at the drop of a hat. It has also been included in the list of best adult movies .

With such movies, Bollywood gives the entire world varieties of taste and flavors of movies that one will definitely love to see and enjoy.

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