Check Out these Gay Hollywood Actors Whom You Didn’t Knew to be Gay

Hollywood is the most amazing place on the earth, we guess. There you will find people of different kinds who are not only famous but are also liked by all. Earlier we have seen that Hollywood has transgender celebrities but this time we will discuss about celebrities of Hollywood who are so damn popular with a huge fan following but they are gay. Well being gay is not a big deal and it is truly their choice but it is surprising because we didn’t know about that. But since we got to know about that so we are here to let you know about the names of those celebrities who are gay. Gay Hollywood actor are less know these days. 

Below is the list of gay Hollywood actors you should check:


10. Jim Parsons:

This Big Bang Theories guy is quite loved and appraised by his fans but what was not known about him to his fans was that he is gay. Not only that, he also revealed that he has been in a relationship with a man for almost 12 years. One of the most popular gay Hollywood actors he is loved by all.

9. Neil Patrick Harris:

Whoever has seen the comedy series How I Met Your Mother must have seen this guy. But seeing is a different thing and knowing about him is different and one should know that this man is also a gay and is in a relationship with fellow actor David Burtka.

8. Zachary Quinto:

Known for the bad guy roles in short drama like Heroes, Quinto is one of the active supporters of gay community since 2011 and he himself is a gay who is never ashamed of his sexuality. He is among the many gays in Hollywood who plays straight roles on-screen.

7. Matt Bomer:

The biggest heartthrob of Hollywood Matt Bomer is a crush of many girls but we guess they will be heartbroken to know that their favorite celeb is gay. Not only that, Matt is married to the famous publicist Simon Halls. One of the many gay actors in Hollywood, Matt is also known for his straight on-screen roles.

6. Ian McKellen:

The fictional wizard from the successful movie series Lord of the Rings is quite open about his sexuality and has been regularly camping for the rights of gay people. Being himself a gay he has done a lot for those gay people who are ill-treated by the society.

5. Wentworth Miller:

The actor from Prison Break may seem to be the most charming guy but what hides in his eyes is that he has sexuality other than straight and is a gay. We know that his female fans will be surprised to know that but that’s the truth and he even is one of the active supporters of the gay community.

4. George Takei:

The actor who played the role of Hikaru Sulu the television series Star Trek is married to Brad Altman for over 28 years. Yes he is also gay and has been actively campaigning for gay people to get them their rights.

3. Matt Dallas:

Matt Dallas is that chocolate boy for whom ever girl’s heart beats. But he is committed to musician Blue Hamilton and is a gay as well. He also announced his engagement via Twitter and married in the year 2015.

2. Ricky Martin:

This Latino megastar is known as the sex symbol for many people and Hollywood has witnessed a hell lot of steamy scenes from his side but no one knew that he too is a gay. Not only that, he is the most popular gay of

1. T R. Knight:

The Grey’s Anatomy star is known to marry his long-term partner Patrick Leahey and is a gay. However he has played many straight roles on-screen but in reality he is homosexual. He is one of the Hollywood gay actors who made it to the hall of fame.

No matter whether they are straight or not it is their personal matter and their personal choice but what matters the most is the popularity and fame that these gay Hollywood actors get with their talent and skill.


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