Check Out Top B Grade Movies Popular For Bedroom Scene

Bollywood has never missed to amaze the audiences with its movies of different genre starting from love stories, revenge stories, thrillers, action, horror, adventure and some sizzling hot and erotic movies. However, there are some movies that are actually way too good to be filmed on the big screen while some are considered to contain a hell lot of uncensored scenes and are certified adult or are called B grade movies. Alike those romantic love stories and family movies, these B grade movies are also many and people watch them too. Not only watching people enjoy watching them and there are some of the best B grade movies that one should never miss out watching ever.

Below is the list of some of the best B grade movies of all time that are worth watching:


10. Retake- Phir Ek Baar:

This was one of the boldest and erotic movies of Bollywood and was one of the most sensuous movies. This movie was produced by Razzak Khan and is till date one of the best B grade movies of Bollywood.

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9. Free Entry:

The name is quite similar to that of No Entry but has some highly explicit contents in it. One of the top B grade movies, it faced an outraged audience on the day of its release.

8. Angoor (Kanti Shah Ki):

This movie is directed by director Kanti Shah and is one of the erotic and sensuous movies in Bollywood. With its erotic scenes, this movie has made it to the Indian B grade movies list.

7. Rain- The terror within:

The name isn’t matching with the scenes but when you watch the movie you will definitely feel the heat. With all the extra sensual scenes, this movie was included in the hot B grade movies list.

6. Karar:

Straight from the top B grade movie list, this movie is one of the best B grade movies of Bollywood some of the highly heated scenes that will make anyone sweat out of the exoticness. Also the movie has been one of the favorites of people who are fan of B grade movies.

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5. Tauba Tauba:

Watch this movie and say yourself Tauba Tauba for all those exotic and steamy scenes. One of the best B grade movies, this is a must watch for B grade movie lovers.

4. Hawas:

With such a title, this movie is among the Indian B grade movie list that one should definitely watch. The sultry siren has done some of the bold scenes in the most amazing ways .also the scenes that are portrayed in the film are just enough to raise the temperature.

3. Bedroom:

A movie that show all the bedroom stories in the most raw way is not welcomed by the audiences and was rated B grade. However, it was welcomed by the B grade movie lovers and was among the best B grade movies in Bollywoood.

2. Fun- Can be dangerous sometimes:

This movie has a much different concept and the story is about a how the explicit and exotic fun can turn out to be something really dangerous. To check out how watch this movie for sure.

1. Bobby:

A film by Hyder Kazmi, this has a totally different approach and has some of the most amazing and sensuous acts ever. Never wonder why this movie is included in the list of best B grade movies. It has also a sexy and bold actress who knows the right point to hit in the right time.

With such movies, Bollywood gives the entire world varieties of taste and flavors of movies that one will definitely love to see and enjoy. One can also look for other actresses like Simi Garewal and Zeenat Aman in a B grade movie. However they will have a different standard from these movies and may get certification from the censor board. Also you can see them in theaters and other places but these B grade movies will not let you be that comfortable watching them in public. So it is your responsibility to stay safe and watch in private and enjoy them to the fullest.

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