Hollywood gives us PeeCee as the best villain

Priyanka has always been loved in Hollywood and has a huge fan following but what leaned her to Hollywood is her acting skills. But what is most amazing to see is to look at her beautiful body which dramatically is to be hidden in Indian cinemas but this actress used the perfectness of her body beautifully their intervening with her acting talent, that is what made Dawyne Johnson most impressed by Priyanka Chopra. Also check out the sexy bikini pics of Priyanka Chopra.

And from this on she has been one of the hottest and sexiest villains of Hollywood film. Well she is playing a negative role in the Baywatch series, and undoubtedly she is looking amazingly hot. Well I cannot withstand saying and appraising about her hotness, have a look at some of the best photos directly from the sets.

Also have you just seen the video in which Dawyne introduces her to the audience revealing her the talent and skills by saying, she is the one woman who can handle such pressure. And Priyanka seems to step in from behind mouthing the dialogue, Evil never looked so good… Also Dawyne seems to be pretty much sure by tweeting @priyankachopra, Woman either we are going to get along or we are going to get it on.. And seems like she chooses to get it on… Hats off for her talent pals… Well PeeCee is really enjoying her Hollywood career and mean while her managers are also keeping the best records of the movie that she would like to do as soon as she returns back. Therefore it has been proved that the former Miss World has seriously impressed the ‘Fast And Furious 7’ actor remarkably. We wish all the success to her and get back to Bollywood as we are missing her movies more.

Click on the link and enjoy the enticing appraise of Priyanka from Dwayne


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