Sex sells and the Pooja Bhatts know it at one go!

The Bhatts have been in the legacy to produce more of a sensuous film. The one like Murder, have been followed up by Jism and Jism 2. And now Pooja Bhatt is back with one new bold and sensuous movie starring Richa Chaddha.

Also the Trailer, that has just been released opens up with a bath on big cinemas that gives thrives of lust. And if the trailer is not enough for you then this movie is just a go. It is an adult movie and therefore the lust is at its peak. The newly released teaser has received many reviews and it becomes a sex siren to be a hault in the summer heat.

Richa Chaddha will be seeing playing the role of a cabaret dancer and she has already filled the cinema with her sexual moves that rises the thirst of lust in everyone. The teaser opens up glimpses of love making scenes with Gulshan Devaiah. The movie Cabaret, shows the realistic lives of celebrities and the structure of the film industry.

When it comes to the direction of Pooja Bhatt then there is something rai and realistic to be seen in it just like the upcoming movie. She has made a lot film that surrounds such structure. But what she focuses on that how sex is the most common way to relief from the stressed life and how it has been most common in India.


The movie gives you a thorough glimpse of sex that has been seen blooming wrapped up in the form of such Social enticing events like that of Cabaret. Richa Chaddha is seen in her O’so seductive looks in the movie. The hotness has revealed through the lust of a Cabaret dancer. If aware of movies like BA pass, this movie will raising up the desire of l ust.


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