Sunny accused of slaying Pooja – Big Boss 5 Demand 70 Lakhs

Model, Pooja Misrra being an ex-contestant has filed a case in Bombay High Court against the B-town actress Sunny Leone, demanding a total of Rs 100 crore for defaming her.Actress Sunny Leone, no doubt has been famous for her sexy item numbers. But this fame has been a trouble to many or has lately been seen creating a new buzz in the town.

Pooja Misrra contended that Sunny because of her jealously and malice has defamed Pooja. Sunny has been famous thoroughly because of her bold and sexy looks and such an accusation will lead to her defaming. So intact being accused of she has been accused by Pooja. Well it is not yet totally revealed in media Pooja and also she has to suffer a total loss of Rs 70 Lakhs for fixing up all her damaged reputation in public.


This has nothing new here, we have been hearing such cases too when the news that Sunny has just slapped a news reporter for when she was asked about her charges of a night programme. This has total been denied by Daniel, Sunny’s husband. This news has been recently posted on the Holi party being organized for the celebs.


Well the case has been filed under the actor 120 B, of defaming but the hearing is said to be appealed in June. Well Sunny has become one of the in demand B-town actress, so these kind of allegations has certain been opposed on her for a matter of a defaming act itself. Well as of now, we have not actually revealed with the facts and the facets of the truth are but hopefully, we will be known, behind the scenes of the story pretty soon. Also do not just flow away with the rumors until then, we will inform about the case as soon as it gets in light.


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