Fairy tale wedding of Bipasha Basu & Karan Singh Grover

Being in news from quite a lot time this couple has now been wedded. Well, the wedding was really stunning. It was a lavish party of this year in Bollywood. The love birds Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover have now they the knows of marriage. The couple had a sizzling hot chemistry on screen and so off screen.

Bipasha has been the sexiest actress of Bollywood and has been linked with John previously. Same goes with Karan, he has been married twice bit seems like this time both of them have found their true love.


There is much love and joy for this Happily wedded couple. No I mean seriously, be it the sizzling and craziest wedding pics, or hot beach side pics this couple has done all on the Instagram.

The couple is off to honeymoon and they are in Maldives, celebrating the love and the happiness. Well, have a look at the hot pic posts by Karan on Instagram. Isn’t it amazing? I mean Bipasha has the looks that one would love to die for so Karan being the luckiest is just a gift. And we hope that Billo has too found her Soul make as she has wanted a lot for him to come.

Also, have the latest pic of their bedrooms. The honeymoon suite they have been in. Isn’t everything way too romantic?

Have a look at this super romantic snap title #monkeymooning. This picture is really hot and interesting and the couple seems to enjoy their honey moon. Well, I guess they have been waiting a lot to have tied up in the knot. But I so wish that this marriage ends up well unlike the past marriage of Karan.

Chuck it! Lets check up to a new beginning and new love. Enjoy the snaps right from Maldives.


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