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We are sure you remember Ziva David who appeared in the CBS crime drama NCIS from the year 2005 to 2013. She is really famous for her name Ziva, but her name in real life is María José de Pablo Fernández. Let us know things about her.

From ‘María José de Pablo Fernández’ to ‘Ziva David’

This great singer was born with the name- ‘María José de Pablo Fernández’. Then she migrated to Miami, Florida from Chile. When she was in fifth grade, her new friends there couldn’t pronounce her first name rightly. So, she decided to make her name easier to pronounce and remember. She shortened her name to “Cote”. Cote is a common nickname in Chile. Now she became popular as ‘Cote de Pablo’.

Then in 2005, when she joined CBS crime drama NCIS, her character at the show was named ‘Ziva David’. Her character became greatly famous for her acting. She could fit really well in the character and could act awesome. This gathered a huge number of fans for her. After this life was altogether different for the actor. She was now more famous as ‘Ziva David’ rather than her own original name.


Early life

Professionally known as Cote de Pablo, she is a Chilean actress, born in Santiago on 12th November 1979. She is a great actress and a singer, who moved to America to study acting at the age of 10. Her family went to Miami, Florida when she was 10. There her mother started with a job at a Spanish Television Channel. 

It was then when Pablo started her music and theatre education at Carnegie Mellon University. Here, she participated in various plays, like The House of Bernarda Alba, The Fantasticks, The World Goes ‘Round, Cloud Techtonics, Indiscretions, and A Little Night Music.


Cote de Pablo’s gallery

Cote de Pablo is a popular singer and actress. Her acting and in fact, Cote de Pablo sexy looks have already driven many fans. Cote de Pablo nude photos available on the internet are even successful in augmenting the love her fans have for her.

Before NCIS

When Cote de Pablo was 15 years old, she tried various ways of starting her career as an actor. She acted as a host at the talk show Control. Then, in search of more work as an actress, she travelled to New York City. There, initially, she had to work at some Indian restaurant and then at an Italian bakery to back herself up.

Then she acted at some TV shows, like ‘All My Children’, Fling, The $treet and ‘The Jury’. She acted the role of Marguerite Cisneros in ‘The Jury’, which didn’t last long. This was a ten, one-hour episodes show. Again, she went to found work for herself.



Cote de Pablo joined CBS crime drama NCIS as an officer Ziva David. This made her so much popular that people now knew her by the name-‘Ziva David’ more than they knew her by her actual name. This new show brought laurels in her career and her popularity as an actress.

In 2006, she was nominated for the Imagen Award for best supporting actress. This was her first major award and then she luckily received much more. In 2008, Cote de Pablo received the Alma Award. This award was given to her being an outstanding actress in the drama television series. She even received The Imogen Award for being the best supporting actress.

After working eight big years as Ziva David and gaining much of the popularity through this show, she decided to leave. It was 2013. Having won a great number of fans’ hearts, everyone was curious to know her reason to quit. She cited her personal reasons to be the real reason for leaving the role of a great actress. Her fans were already thrilled by Cote de Pablo sexy and hot looks.

Analyzing her Q-A and her interviews, one can say what the reason was. Actually, she was not happy with the future the character was going to have. The writers wrote misery-full life for the character. Cote de Pablo didn’t accept that and finally decided to leave the show. Fans even petitioned and wanted Cote de Pablo not to leave the show.


After NCIS

Naturally, any actor who gained huge fame on the basis of some TV would expect better roles and fame in Hollywood. So did Cote de Pablo. She expected the world to be different for herself now. She wanted better roles and character. But, somehow this proved to be a wrong decision for her. She left the show and worked in ‘The 33’ and ‘The Dovekeepers’. Unfortunately, she wasn’t applauded for her acting there and wasn’t successful in gaining much-expected fame.

She then tried in many other shows and films but couldn’t make an on-screen impact. After eight years of leaving NCIS, she decided to revert. Her fans were happy to see Cote de Pablo as ‘Ziva David’ and seem to not accept her in any other role. They loved her for her role. She realized this and then went back to work again with her role as an Officer at NCIS.

After her return, she sang. Her singing practices and education didn’t go waste. It was here that she sang “Temptation”. Later it was posted at the ‘The Official TV Soundtrack’, which was released in 2009.


Her Beauty

Born with natural beauty, Cote de Pablo was always against plastic surgeries. She believed that women are born with the ability to change the perception towards themselves. The need for surgeries is to remain young and beautiful. Wonderful women don’t need that. She was adamantly against surgeries.


Something unknown about her

This is something you will be surprised at. Cote de Pablo is less successful and popular in her own birthplace- Chile. She is a great follower and believer of God. Some incidents in her life had made her believe that God exists. But as a matter of fact, she claims that she does not believe in some particular religion.

She was always happy to stay away from social media. She never tries to popularize herself through the means of social media.


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