Was going topless a trick to be exclusive or to be near Salman Khan

Well, accusations have now hit to the London based Model, Pearl Raah, who is also the upcoming lead
actress of the movie Dabangg 3. Well, this is her debut with the film and seems like this news have made
the flames go higher. Is this even real?

There was this press release saying that Dabaang 3 actress Pearl Raah’s Topless Pics Leaked? Well, we
guess being a model this is no new thing to us. But what is scandalizing is that was the leaking of pic, a
game of sympathy to Salman Khan or it was a serious headline. The model is 18 years old and have just
begun to step in the film industry. But being a close friend to Salman it is also in rumors that this
headline is more to be disclosed.


It was also stated that Salman was in touch with this teenager through calls and messages and they
might even went for a dinner date too. Well what the real story is, has still to be unveiled.
Since she is the lead actress of the new upcoming movie of Salman Khan, the closeness is also getting
high. Even it is heard that it was the wish of Salman to have her for the next act. But let me confirm, that
this is no real.

Salman states that nothing has yet been finalized about the movie and as far as the leaked
pictures are concern then it is her concern of gaining attention. Moreover, Salman does not even know
her. She just want to get in llimelightand enjoy the hall of fame but these tricks have gone down drain.
The topless pic here reveals that it must be for some photoshoot and nothing else. This is what has
turned the heat on. So guys do not go with the rumors. Our Sallu Bhai is not yet to be guilty.





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