Top 10 Most Powerful Military in the world

Even though the nature of international relations has changed dramatically since WW2, most powerful countries worldwide continue to maintain large militaries. While their primary purpose is the defence of the homeland, large, high-tech militaries can also be a powerful tool allowing for the expansion and protection of strategic assets. It would thus be worth looking at the most powerful militaries across the world.

Check out the Top 10 Most Powerful Military in the world

  1. United States : The sole extant superpower, the US is undoubtedly the foremost military power in the world today. Its defence budget is estimated at a whooping $612 billion, and it operates 19 aircraft carriers, allowing it unrivalled power projection. The country has not lost a major war in recent times, and its high-tech military is capable of warding off every enemy.

2.    Russia : While nowhere near as powerful as its predecessor, the Soviet Union, the Russian bear has expanded its military strength significantly in recent times. Its defence spending has increased by over a third since2008, and it boasts of 15,500 tanks, the largest force in the world. Russia has invested a lot in military modernization in recent times.

3.  China : A huge spender with a significant human resource pace, China seeks to project power in a bid to ensure a favourable end to long-running territorial disputes with Japan and the Philippines. With 2.3 million active frontline personnel, it has the world’s largest army.

4.   India : The world’s largest importer of military equipment, India seeks to modernize and expand its military, having been locked in a long-time border dispute with Pakistan. India also has a formidable ballistic missile inventory. Thus, it can certainly be considered to be one of the most powerful militaries in the world.


5.    UK : The next tier of countries-the UK, France and Germany-seek to reduce their defence spending in the face of economic downturns and non-existent external threats. However, they continue to remain formidable military powers-among the most powerful militaries in the world. The Royal Navy will be rolling out the HMS Queen Elizabeth in 2020, which has a flight deck measuring at 4.5 acres.

6.  France : Inspite of recent spending cuts, France remains a formidable power, having intervened in several conflicts across the globe. These include decisive involvements in simmering conflict hotspots such as the CAR, Chad, Mali and Syria. The country currently spends $43 billion on defence annually.

7.  Germany : The European powerhouse has focused more on its economy to increase its international profile since WW2, but heavy investment in creating a tech-intensive force continues to make many defence companies and countries reliant on Germany for military aid and sales.

8.   South Korea : With the threat of a North Korean invasion always uppermost in their minds, the South Koreans have invested significantly in the military. The country has 653.000 military personnel under arms, and has modernized its forces with Western backing.

9.   Italy : Italy is one of the stronger European powers, having almost 300,000 men under arms and operates a powerful force of 770 aircraft. It should thus be counted as one of the most powerful military in the world.


10.  Israel : With a long history of conflict with its Arab neighbours, Israel spends a whooping 18.7% of its budget on defence. It invests greatly in civilian protection tech, with its anti-missile Iron Dome having effectively neutralized Hamas and Hezbollah missiles. Israel thus rounds out the list of the top 10 most powerful militaries across the world.


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