The dor of Pavitra Rishta is not sustained Ankita & Sushant

Well the actors who took give from the show Pavitra Rishta on Zee were about to have the wedding vows soon. But seems like their fate is not yet ready for it. We all have advised the couple a lot, they formed the perfect made for each other bond, but this band has now broken and both have been parted. It really hurt knowing all this, but Sushant has tweeted officially about their break up. Sushant, as he got a big break from Bollywood, left TV serials and so does Ankita after some time. Seems like she was not in denial of anything that Sushant would have asked her for.

They were one of the hottest and happening couples from the times of Pavitra Rishta but now seeing them away is a big shock to their fans. Sushant, on the other hand, seems not to be based hurt by the breakup and he openly announce the cause for the same. But seeing like he is clicking the ladder to his success, it is only because of Ankita ‘s support so getting them apart and he being cold at it is really an awkward thing.

The reason he stated was very diplomatic but it is also in news that it was only because of Ankita ‘s possessive behavior that leads Sushant to take such a step.

Not only this, as he is getting more opportunity to work with he is also getting close to his female colleagues. Kriti Sanan, is seeing a lot with Sushant these days and here have a look at the pics. Isn’t is too much closeness, so being possessive was a no big deal for Ankita. Intact she has no words to say anything about her breakup. We hope they get back to each other just like Virat and Anushka.

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