Top 10 World’s Most Popular Sports List

Sports activity is probably one of the most rejuvenating ones, both for the players as well as the viewers. The world cannot get enough of sports and celebrities who are sports players are idolized all across the globe. The history of sports can be dated back to around 2000 BC where gymnastics and aerobics was the most popular one. Here we are going to sum up a list of the World’s Most Popular Sports.

Let’s have a look at the Most Famous Sports in the world / World’s Most Popular Sports List:


  1. Soccer


Soccer is one of the most simple and easy-to-play games and that makes it one of the top sports game played throughout the world. It was only in the 19th century that the proper rules and regulations of the game were formulated in England. It is undoubtedly in the list of ten most popular games.


  1. Cricket


They say, “We eat cricket, Sleep Cricket and Breathe cricket”. The popularity of this sport has soared over the years. It began in the British Empire and is particularly common in India and the neighboring countries and Australia and South Africa, Cricket has spread across the World. It is one of the World’s most popular sports.


  1. Field Hockey


It started in the Europe and countries of Asia as early as the 3rd century B.C. Later in the 19th century, modern rules were put up in England. It has also spread across India and Pakistan. It is typically a female-dominated sport with its male dominance in America.

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  1. Basketball


Basketball is a highly popular sport in countries like China and the US. It is one of the biggest globally played sports. It has spread across European nations as well. It ranks in the list of top 10 famous sports of the world.


  1. Tennis


Tennis is one of the most top ranked sports in the world. It has not been fully taken over by a single country or an individual player. In the various Women’s and Men’s tours, 14 different players from 8 different countries have been selected so far.


  1. Table Tennis


Table tennis is hugely popular in Asia, very much like Soccer, this sport has gained popularity because of the simplicity and ease of the game. The Chinese have been dominating this game on International level, particularly the Chinese women.


  1. Formula 1


Formula 1 also famously known as F1, It has a major following in the European nations and also across the world. It is estimated that around $3 billion is spent annually by the F1 constructors on its development.


  1. Golf


One of the major sport that is played in the countries of Japan, Korea, US and the UK. It is also actively played in Europe and rest of the world. Not many know that the game Golf stands for “Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden”


  1. Boxing


Mostly followed in North America, it is also popular in Europe and Japan. It is a favourite sport for many. Viewers are fond of watching boxing and wrestling. It stands as one of the Most played game in the world.


  1. Football


Football is an obsession in the countries of United States and Canada. It is also highly popular in the gulf countries, particularly the Middle eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar etc. It tops in the list of World’s most popular sports.

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