Who will be on the top in this Diva Race of Bollywood Actress

This Bollywood celeb is in news all the time but the fun fact is that all divas are too hot to handle that one cannot express the view on. Have a look at the top three Bollywood ruling divas. Diva Race of Bollywood Actress

These are the divas that are running for the league. Down the line, we have also come across many actresses that have just entered the Bollywood. And Nargis and Sunny seems to be really working to fight for a position. Have you notice both of them in them in the Marathi dress? Not yet then have a look at the beautiful pictures. Who is your favorite?

Have a look at the common thing about these five actresses?



What is common between them? Can you guys guess well I don’t see you guys to hover your brain with the questions? We will not answer but just look at the pictures… Have a look at the pictures of these actresses in lavli dress… Who seems to be the best?

Well according to me Priyanka and Deepika seems to be the close competitor but no doubt this time Priyanka seems to be loved more than Deepika in this lovely Marathi saree. Also, these actresses seem to be really busy for their ongoing projects and as Deepika and Priyanka both have landed in B-town we see Deepika to be having an Upper hand for the movies of Bollywood. So PeeCee you really need to build up the contact with other directors too.


Also, Kareena is soon to be seen on screen with Sonam in the movie Veera Di Shaadi So, guys, we will be going to have a rocking end for this year as many of the Bollywood divas will be on the count




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