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The most awaited moment is when your baby smiles or laughs for the first time. It is an indication that your baby’s emotions are growing and he/she can fell happiness and warmth. Every baby smiles or laughs at different times according to their internal growth. Though the timing varies according to babies, the first smile or laughter would definitely enlighten your day. A baby’s smile hints his/her happiness, the growing emotional attachment between you and your baby and contacting you. Cute baby HD wallpaper for mobile can make your day.


The first smile of your baby indicates his or her happiness. You would be the lonely companion of your baby at that moment. He/she enjoys every moment with you such as your voice, your face and the touch of your hands. After that, your baby gets to know the world with your help and it helps him/her to grow some social skill.

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Babies’ smiles:

After one week of your baby’s birth, you cannot even expect an eye contact. At that age, a baby often smiles, but that is mechanical. Those smiles are not connected to any kind of emotion. After a month, you can definitely get some eye contact with your baby, and your baby would be able to respond to your touch or your smile or express happiness when you play with him/her after five weeks approximate.

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Reflexive Smile:

At the age of six weeks, your baby receives the growth of some parts or muscle of the body. When the growth takes place that muscle or part remains active and some movements can be noticed. The muscle of face is one of the parts that undergo that growth. So, at that age, we often notice that the baby is smiling and they especially smile when they are asleep.

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Responsive Smile:

When the baby’s age is 6 – 8 weeks, the baby starts to give responses to your activities towards him/her. A close touch, your voice and the view of your face, are the things the baby can feel and express his/her emotion through smiles. At this age the baby cannot properly recognize your face, so the baby does not have a proper idea of who you are.


Social Smile:

When your baby expresses his/her feeling about some trivial actions like oinking, mooning, beeping is the time when the baby starts to give social smiles. This happens when the baby’s age is about 2-3 months. At this stage, the baby wants to meet other people.

The baby would now learn that his /her smiles can catch your attention and response. The baby would often try to express his/her emotion by giggling. The baby would throw legs and move hands to get your attention.

At this period the baby starts to recognize your face when you feed and play with the baby. Now you can get a full idea of how the baby wants to be comforted, held and treated by his/her smiles but you cannot always expect the baby to smile.

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