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Shweta Konnur Menon (Malavika) was born on 19th July 1979 in Bengaluru, in the state of Karnataka, India. Malavika is known for her contribution in Indian. Her contribution includes Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayan and Bollywood films. Malavika hot images can make your day. You can also get Malavika hot wallpaper for your mobile phone or laptop on the internet.

At the age of only 19, Malavika made the debut of her reel career by appearing in a Tamil film called Unnai Thedi in 1999. In her first film, she acted along with Ajith and this film smashed the box-office. She did not leave Ajith’s side till her second film.


Like the first one her second film, Anandha Poongate, where again she appeared beside Ajith, was a super hit at the box-office. Her third film Rojavanam was another hit and got her a hat trick at delivering hit films. During her reel life, the beautiful Malavika hot photo was very much appreciated by the public. You can make your day better by checking out Malavika hot pic on the internet.

When she produced three blockbuster films, the downfall started to knock on her door and as a result, all of her film during the year 2000-2003 was flop including Chala Bangundi, Kandha Kadamba Khathir Vela, Mr_blackberry, Deevinchandi, Subhakaryam, Navvuthu Bathakalira, Lovely, Priyanesthama Phantom Pailey and the Hindi film Darna Mana Hai.

During these time period, she only produced one hit film Seenu. With the film Deevinchandi she made her debut in Telugu films, and in 2004 she made her appearance alongside the famous superstar Kamal Hassan in the film called Vasool Raja MBBS in 2004. For this film, she was much appreciated. Malavika hot images are stunning and are capable to change your mood. So, you should check them out.

In the sublime of her career, she worked with many famous actors. After her super hit with Kamal Hassan, Malavika appeared alongside the most popular and the best actor of Tamil film Industry, the one and only Rajnikanth. Malavika and Rajnikanth both did a great job in the film called Chandramukhi and the film went blockbuster. The best film of Malavika’s career is Thiruttu Payale.

The film released in 2006 and is considered to be Malavika greatest work throughout her reel career. In Thiruttu Payale, Malavika provided her best performance so far. Malavika hot images are very popular among her fans and widely available. So it is your time to appreciate Malavika’s beauty.

At the arrival of 2008, Malavika’s downfall started to be more prominent. After that, the numbers of her films are very short. Directors stopped casting her for main roles and she started to appear as a guest in upcoming films.

In the films like Chithiram Pesuthadi in 2006, Kaivantha Kalai in 2006, Maya Kannadi, Arputha Theevu, Machakaaran these three in 2007 and Singakutty (2008), Kuruvi (2008), Aayudham Seivom (2008), Arupadai (2009) Malavika made her appearance as a guest and after that she disappeared from her reel career. Apart from Tamil and Telugu film she often appeared in Hindi films like Darna Mana Hai (2003), Naina (2005) and C U at 9 (2005). Malavika hot images are always attractive, have a look at them.


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