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Willa Holland, an American actress, voice-actress and a model was born on 18th June 199I. She was born in Los Angeles, to a Keith Holland who was a cinematographer and Darnell Gregoria- De- Palma who was an actress. She had two sisters Brianna Holland and Piper De Palma. At very young age her parents separated her mother remarried Brian De Palma. She went to Charter High school only for six months, because due to studies her acting career was getting hampered. At very young age she was interested in acting. Soon at the age of seven when she was staying at her step-fathers house, her neighbor Steven Spielberg was engaged in shooting a home video. He told her parents that she was talented and she should take up acting. 

When she returned home to Los Angeles at the age of seven she signed her first modeling photo shoot with Ford Modeling Agency. After this immediately she was signed in a shoot for the famous fashion brand Burberry. Willa Holland hot bikini images are very famous amongst young stars.


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In the year 1999, her mother took her to a theatrical talent agency. From this agency, she got a chance to work as a model in many national commercial ads. Soon Willa Holland sexy images were spread out in the social media. At the age of ten, she got a chance to work with her father who was a cinematographer In Ordinary Madness. When she was eleven she was signed in Fox series The Inside as a co-star opposite to Rachael Nicholas.


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But soon she left the show because of some issues with the writer Tim Minear. She also worked in the famous TV-series The O.C. in its 3rd season as a recurring role. But soon she was confirmed as a permanent role in the 4th series. Willa Holland hot bikini images can make up any one’s day.


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In the year 2007, she worked as April, in an independent drama movie Garden Party. In 2008, the O.C. director liking her work signed her for the role of 16 years rebellious model in the famous T.V. series the Gossip Girl. Willa Holland hot bikini images found in social media. In 2010 she voiced the character of Aqua in the play station portable, for the title Kingdom Heart Birth by sleep.


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This released in 2010, 7th September. In the same year, she played the role of a bratty teenager in an apocalyptic thriller film Legion, which is a studio film. In 2011 she signed for a movie remake, Straw Dogs. A Willa Holland hot picture makes up any one’s day.

She played the role of Thea Queen/ Speedy, who is the sister of Oliver Queen/ Green Arrow in an adventure –action TV- series Arrow. Willa Holland hot bikini pictures are available on our site. In 2012 she signed for a film based on a novel written by Judy Blume. In this movie, she played the role of Davey Wexler, the name of the movie was same as the novel.



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