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An actress with an hourglass-shaped perfect figure. An actress with a figure, which every woman wish to have, and a figure, which every man wants to look at always. An actress, who turns an apparel bikini meaningful, whenever she wears it and flaunts her curves. She is not just an actress, she has added lots of feathers in her cap. She is a successful director and producer of Mexican and Lebanese descent as well.

Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about none other than Salma Hayek. A dream-chasing girl, who born on 2nd September 1966 in Mexico City. She was so passionate about acting that she dropped her school to pursue her acting career. Eventually, she became a telenovela star in her own city, Mexico. In 1991, she moved from Mexico to Los Angeles, California with a wish of becoming Hollywood actress. Wishes come true in this world only with the hard work and talent, Salma Hayek proved it, she was so determined that she worked hard on her English and soon she became a Hollywood star. Success came to her by all means, her hard work, and the zeal to achieve a niche in Hollywood landed her a lead role in movie “Desperado” in the year 19995. Famous actor “Antonio Banderas” was in the opposite role in this movie. The movie became a hit and landed lots of opportunities to the actress to kick start her acting career with a bang. Then she became a face of various movies like The Faculty, Wild Wild West and Fools Rush In. She succeeds to open the gate of the red carpet for herself by starring her dream role and producing a film “Frida”.


This is not always a red carpet case for Salma Hayek, she also had a roller coaster ride in her life. While she satiated her success cravings by tasting it that doesn’t mean she never tasted a bitter life, she penned down an article in one of famous newspaper with the quotes “Harvey Weinstein is my monster too”, which depicts about her bitter life experiences. Life gives us memories to be cherished all the time so did happen with Salma Hayek. In the year 2007, she got engaged with an entrepreneur Francois- Henri Pinault after dating him for a year. In the year 2007 itself, she gave birth to a daughter and in the year 2009, the couple got married.

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She knows revamping and rejuvenation are the best ways of living life up to a great extent. She has inculcated it in herself and demonstrates it very often on social media. That is the reason she keeps herself fit all the time. That is not all from her end. She used to update her social media accounts with all her looks to spread the joy of living around. There is no doubt that she has that charisma which can hold up breathe of all the men in the world by just her one bikini still. It has been precedent many times earlier that she nailed all the bikini looks over social media. She had conquered the whole social media so many times by updating her bikini looks that it will not be any injustice if we give her the title of “bikini queen”. So let’s check out what she has got for us this time.


On 2nd September 2019, she turned 53. Despite the fact, she is running into her 50’s, her hot and sexy public appearances create a sensation and heat around. Again she has popped up whole social media man’s eyeballs with her recent post of Salma Hayek bikini still. This time she experimented her bikini with eye-popping colors red and baby pink. This time Salma Hayek bikini is not just a bikini like her other bikinis, it is designed in such a way that it emphasizes on her toned body from top to bottom rather than a body exposure. Bikini top draped around her neck and boobs in such a way that it enhances her cleavage with a perfect shape and looks fitter on her toned armpits. Bikini bottom wear is wrapped around the waist in such a way that it pops up the toned and sexy waist with the highlighting toned sexy thighs. Such Salma Hayek bikini look can instigate any man to not only swim with her but he can also get ready to sink with her. This picture gets all credit to be on top in Salma Hayek sexy looks list due to her sex appeal and fittest body, which have always been top parameters for the bikini perfect body.

This is not the first time she blasted social media with her curves in Salma Hayek bikini look. She is the combination of brain and beauty and she knows it very well how to play around to highlight specific body part. She placed her boobs and waist in the limelight with this sky blue bikini and succeed in hiding her belly fat.

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Check this out how her stole around the waist is revealing more than hiding. Yes, the stole which is draped around the waist is revealing her perfect toned figure, it definitely deserved to be on top in Salma Hayek hot look.


This is not all about this sexy actress, there is a lot to explore about her charismatic personality. In fact, sometimes she is so excited about her updates on social media that she captures and upload her candid and fleeting moments like her topless look. Check out Salma Hayek topless look in which she is looking like any man can die for her.



She is still working in movies with all her energy and passion. It is easy to figure out from her bikini looks that from where, she is getting such go-getter attitude, energy and passion. Her fans can see her in upcoming movies “The Eternals”, “Molly” and “like a boss”, which shall be released in year 2020 but till that time check out all Salma Hayek bikini looks and praise such an idealized actress.














































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