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Personal Life of AnnaLynne McCord

AnnaLynne McCord is a well-known American model who was born on July 16, 1987, in Atlanta. She is a famous actress along with being an activist. She got famous in acting with Nip/Tuck, a television series, in 2007. She was born and brought up in Buford, Georgia. Her education includes home-schooling and then graduating at the age of 15.


AnnaLynne McCord was the child of David McCord and Shari McCord. She has two sisters and one brother and she is sexiest among both her sisters. Her father was a famous poet. He has written many poems that are known worldwide. He has been awarded for the poetic works in his life. He was a lawyer by profession and also a philanthropist.

AnnaLynne McCord joined Wilhelmina Modeling Agency to learn to model. AnnaLynne McCord nude pictures were the main talk for her fans. She was seen in various brand advertisements such as eBay, Estee Lauder and more. Various magazines also included her like Maxim, Women’s World, Playboy, Seventeen. She did some movies like Natale a Miami, Day of the Dead. AnnaLynne McCord hot role in a music video of ‘Baby, I’m in love’ was definitely incredible. She also does charities.

AnnaLynne McCord Acting Career


Her movie career started with ‘Middle of Nowhere’ in 2002, then ‘Transporter 2’ in 2005. She was next seen in ‘Natale a Miami’ in 2005, ‘Sirens of the Caribbean’ in 2007, ‘Day of the Dead’ in 2008 and many more movies. She did not hesitate in doing horror movies and was seen in some of them. AnnaLynne McCord nude pictures were rumoured to be animated but no one knew for sure. 


The actress was seen in many TV series such as “The O.C” in 2006, “Close to home” in 2006, “American Heiress” in 2007, “Cold Case” in 2007, “Ugly Betty” and “CSI: Miami”. For AnnaLynne McCord nude movie scene wasn’t a hesitation or a shame. She was seen in many vixen-vamp roles. 


The president of “Together1Heart” is AnnaLynne McCord and this organization is based on the empowerment and support of women and children. The charitable works she does rescues her from herself. She feels that by helping others, she is helping herself.  

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She was assaulted!


The actress revealed that one of her friends has raped her. At the age of 18, she had invited her friend to stay at her home. After she woke up, she saw her friend was raping her. This scenario was different than general rape cases where the culprit is a stranger to the victim but this is not the case for her. This was her own home and her friend was not a stranger obviously. 


She saw down and she could not move she just kept denying him but he didn’t stop. For many years after that, she believed it was her fault. Due to this terrifying incident, she was doing self-harm and had suicidal ideas. She went under therapy after this awful incident.


After the therapy was when she realised, she was abused before once when she was 11 and it was not good. She didn’t have clothes on and she couldn’t understand at that age what was happening to her. She didn’t reveal whether or not she remembers the face of the assaulter. 

According to the society, she thought, it was her fault to let her friend in her house and trust him so much! After playing a role involving sexual abuse, she realised it wasn’t her fault at all. 

After much of collecting strength, she shared this story with the world which proved her to be brave. Due to this incident, she joined charities helping such women and children and gave her best to empower such victims.

AnnaLynne McCord Relationships

AnnaLynne McCord, the sexy model was dating Dominic Purcell in 2011. But they parted in 2014, and then got back together in 2016 after her boyfriend was diagnosed with skin cancer. Now they are no longer together but they are good friends. The actress has healthy relations with his family and ex-wife so that she visits them frequently and his children also visit her place from time to time. 

Rumors still indicate there is something between these two actors but they have made it pretty clear that they are good friends. Before Dominic Purcell, AnnaLynne McCord was dating Kellan Lutz from 2008 to 2011. Currently, the actress has her relationship status as single but AnnaLynne McCord sexy pictures always come up with some story.

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AnnaLynne McCord Modeling Pictures

The actress is seen doing modeling for many magazines. AnnaLynne McCord nude pictures have made her fans fall for her more. People are going crazy over her photoshoots. AnnaLynne McCord has many hot pictures breaking the internet. Apart from her performances and the model as a whole, AnnaLynne McCord bikini photo gallery has rocked the world. These pictures left her fans drooling. AnnaLynne McCord has hundreds of bikini photos that fans can’t stop falling in love with.


No-underwear outfit

She was also famous due to her teen drama. When AnnaLynne McCord arrived at the Annual academy awards viewing party of Nordstorm for the 90th ceremony, she wore a Quite bold outfit. AnnaLynne McCord hot dress contained a crop top covering her breasts and trousers with sheer panels which showed that she went for a no-underwear outfit. The trousers were high waisted and revealed her legs from the side panels. AnnaLynne McCord looked hot and sexy in that outfit.  


Rumours of Relationship with Rick Fox

AnnaLynne McCord was seen with Rick Fox at the pre-Super Bowl together in Arizona. They are rumored for being in a relationship for a long time as are seen together many times. Rick Fox is a retired NBA player, actor, and business-man. While speaking with a news channel that was at the Super Bowl, they asked the actress about the rumours, upon which she said that because of these stories, the couple might really get together in reality. 

She also commented on the rumors jokingly that Rick Fox is her husband and they are going to have kids in a few weeks. She never really made a strong statement but kept joking on the rumors. When asked seriously about her relationship, she said that the rumors made it seem for her that it was possible and made her question for herself. AnnaLynne McCord is known to have hooked up with Rick Fox and some other well-known celebs. 







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