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Personal life

Bleona Qereti, better known as Madonna of Albania, is an entrepreneur and an actress, apart from being a world-famous singer. She was born in Albania on May 14, 1979. She is famously known as Bleona and is one of the richest Albanian Singers. She always saw America as a world of opportunities. So, she lived in America whole of her life, in spite of the fact that she was born in Albania.

Bleona Qereti’s Early life

Bleona Qereti is a born singer. She began singing at the tender age of five. She used to learn and practice at the House of Pionieri. Seeing her interest and talent, her parents also started motivating her. At the age of 9, she sang her first concert at Albanian Secret Service. Her father used to work here. This was interestingly the first solo performance of the future rock star music performer.



In the early years of her life, Bleona Qereti’s parents encouraged her as a blooming singer. But later, at the age of 13, they wanted Bleona Qereti to incline more towards her academics than her passion. It is due to the fact that her parents were not very sure of her singing as a career. They wanted Bleona Qereti to go to the Business School and to have a secure, lasting job. She, then finally graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts of Tirana in BA.

Singing as her passion

Bleona Qereti was a determined and passionate singer. She joined the School, but somehow always managed to continue practicing singing. She always knew her goals. She kept on working on herself and the results were great. At the age of 14, she was selected to sing at the National Music Festival. She was the youngest performer there. This was a great honor for her and a beginning to a new world.

She defined the age of 15 as her life-changing year. This year, she again performed in the Albanians’ Music Festival. Remarkably, she covered the headlines of every newspaper, the next day. She used this as an impetus for her and this determined her following years in her career. She became remarkably famous in the native county after this concert.

Apart from singing as her passion, she also came up with her stunning acting. She is a famous star too. Bleona Qereti’s nude pics have left its fans astonished.

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Self-made Bleona Qereti

After gaining enough riches through the concerts, she started traveling in Europe. She used the money earned for enhancing herself and further making her albums. During her first major travel, she did 25 concert shows in Germany and Switzerland.

She knew that Albania was not the right place to set her destination for expanding. Albania had little opportunities for the blooming singer. So, she decided to visit Europe. She visited Europe and rocked with her performances there. From the dearth of opportunities in Albania to America, she walked the way full of confidence and self-worth.

She is a self-funded star. She knew that the best way to bloom is to rock the stage being natural. She always remained in the track of self-reliance. Once, while she was about to perform her song- ‘Let Me Be Free’, she was refused to wear what she wanted to. She would never let anyone rule over her. So, she unfolded her cover directly in front of the audience. The crowd loved it. Her fans are always astonished by Bleona Qereti hot and beautiful pictures.

She is her own boss!

She never signed a label. According to her, using her own funds, in spite of the label’s funds, made her, her own master. As a result, she had full control over her life. She would choose what to wear, how to present herself. She could control her style of music, her creativity associated with it and consequently, her stage in the market.

She used her own riches to develop herself. To her, this gave her many rights to herself. She always believed in the fact- “My Brand, My Rules!”.

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Music as her Career

‘Let Me Be Free’ was Bleona Qereti’s first single. She released it in 1996. Strikingly soon in 1997, she released her first album. She named this album – “Kam Qejfin Tim”. It means ‘I Run My Own Game’. Bleona Qereti could write her great songs not only in English and Albanian but in German and Italian too. Isn’t she amazing!

The years between 1998 and 2002 were the most determining years of her life. These were the years of releases, Bleona Qereti’s travel to Europe and covering the headlines. In just one year, between 2001 to 2002, she performed over 80 concerts all over Europe. She even rocked the festivals’ stages in 2002. This was the year when she released her first DVD, named- ‘Nje xhiro neper Shqiperi’. This actually means Walking Through Albania- Her home town.

After this, she never stopped and kept on releasing some of the really great albums. She even knew to play the piano. She showed up in some films and television shows too. Her diversity of fields has always made her unique in her own style. Recently, in 2020, she is working with the ‘Paper Empire’.

Bleona’s gallery:

She is already a well-known singer and Bleona Qereti’s sexy looks have made her all the more famous. Her online gallery contains Bleona Qereti’s nude photos. Apart from being an acting graduate, Bleona Qereti’s sexy looks make her a successful and one of the most rated adult stars.

Her success in a nutshell

Bleona Qereti’s stunning music won millions of hearts. During her music life, she released 8 music albums and could successfully sell around 1.5 million of her released albums and song tracks. Her music has always rocked the stages, which led her to cover the magazine’s headlines for over 35 times. She has won several music awards for her awesome vocals and her stunning on-stage performances.








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