7 Most Demanded Vodka Brands in India Till Now { Pictures Included }


Vodka shots are a girl’s favourite in parties. Made primarily of water, ethanol and some flavouring agent, vodka is a popular alcoholic beverage all over the globe. Vodka is often used in cocktails and other mixed drinks like Cosmopolitan, Bloody Mary, Grey Hound, Vodka Martini and there are many more types of vodka mixed drinks. Every party organiser first searches for the best vodka brands in India and we have a list of the most popular vodka brands in India.


Here is a list of the most demanded vodka brands in India:

7 . Absolut:


It is certainly the most popular vodka brand among Indian youngsters. With a 40% alcohol content, Swedish vodka brand Absolut has a wide collection of different types of vodka such as Absolut Mandarin, Absolut Peppar, Absolut Citron, Absolut 100, Absolut Kurant and Absolut Peach. It costs about Rs.2000 per 750 ml bottle.

6. White Mischief:Vodka Brands in India white-mischief

Listed among the best low budget vodka brands in India, White Mischief is a triple distilled vodka. It has 42.8 % alcohol content. It offers three flavors apart from the common Ultra Pure. The three flavors are Green Apple + Cinnamon, Strawberry + Ginseng, Mango + Mint. It cost about Rs.460 per 750 ml bottle.

5. Grey Goose Vodka:

Vodka Brands in India vodka

This vodka may come at a higher price than the rest but its taste is equally expensive. Grey Goose Vodka is a premium vodka brand in India manufactured by the famous Bacardi Limited units. Grey Goose vodka price in India starts from a whopping Rs. 3500. It had won the ‘best vodka in the world’ tag by the Beverage Tasting institute.



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