Priyanka Chopra Hot Images | Sexy Bikini Wallpaper of 2016 [New Pics]

Priyanka Chopra is one of the finest Bollywood actors who has blazingly represented India in Hollywood. Priyanka Chopra hot images were frequently searched on the internet after the release of her music videos Exotic and In My City and TV series Quantico.

Priyanka Chopra Hot Images | Sexy Bikini Wallpaper of 2016


Priyanka is trying to make Indian movies more popular in Hollywood and is trying to make them aware of how hard Bollywood actors work. In a recent interview,

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she said “To convince another part of the world that Bollywood is not just jokers who break into song and dance was very difficult. I’m literally plowing the ground and making people understand that Indian actors are not a joke. People think we’re a spoof of Hollywood and we’re not. We’re one of the most prolific film industries in the world. “





Priyanka Chopra Sexy Photo in Quantico



Priyanka Chopra kissing Scene with Ranbir Kapoor

Priyanka Chopra-Ranbir Kapoor Hot Kiss


priyanka white bikini

Priyanka Chopra Sexy Bikini images 





Priyanka Chopra 50 kissing Scene 

Priyanka Chopra Red Bikini Picture in HD Quality:


Priyanka recently won an award at the famous IIFA Awards for her role in Bajirao Mastani. Priyanka Chopra hot look in the award ceremony grabbed a lot of eyeballs. After receiving the award she hugged her differences out with ex-flame Shahid Kapoor. Shahid and Priyanka were rumored to have been dating in the past and since then they gave cold shoulders to each other. Looks like they are back on good terms!Priyanka Chopra Sexy Images


Priyanka Chopra hot bikini Wallpaper in HD:



Priyanka Chopra Black Bikini Images 

Priyanka Chopra Black Bikini Imagespriyanka-chopra-irfan-fuck
priyanka-chopra-nude-dresspriyanka-chopra-sexy images


Priyanka Chopra look  Hot in Oscar Event what you think about her white dress :Priyanka-chopra-hot imagespriyanka-chopra-sexy-bikini-blackPriyanka-Chopra-sexy-imagesPriyanka Chopra Hot Imagespriyanka-chopra-shares-picture


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Priyanka Chopra Hot Images in English Tv Series:

Priyanka Chopra Hot Imagespriyanka-chopras-naked-outfitPriyanka Chopra Hot Imagespriyanka-hot-hd-wallper-in-sareesPriyanka Chopra Hot Imagespriyanka-kiss-akhsay

Teaching Hollywood the true value of Bollywood actors

Priyanka has been very busy these days shooting for The Baywatch Reboot alongside Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron in the US. With the stupendous success of Quantico and her music videos, people are getting restless to see her in the movie. Even after so much involvement in Hollywood projects, she believes there is still a long way to go.

Priyanka Chopra Hot Images from various movies:

Priyanka-Chopra-Cineblitz-Coverpriyanka-chopra-sexy-legsPriyanka Chopra Hot picsPriyanka Chopra sexy ImagesPriyanka-Chopra-Sexy--Legs-Zeman-00007Priyanka-Chopra-Super-Hot-wallpapersPriyanka Chopra Hot picturesPriyanka-Chopra-Hot-Photos-01

Priyanka Chopra Hot picPriyanka Chopra Hot legs


Priyanka Chopra Hot Images in IIFA moment 

IIFA 2016 moment priyanka


Priyanka on Salman’s rape comment

Salman Khan‘s alleged comment which said that he walked like a raped woman after the tiring practice and shoot of Sultan created a lot of chaos in Bollywood buzz world. When stars like Shahrukh Khan and Arbaaz Khan gave diplomatic comments on it, Priyanka fell into the same category too



Priyanka’s sexy twitter video

Priyanka Chopra Said on Salman Rape comment:

“There is so much reality happening like a brutal rape case in Bihar took place – why is no one talking about the issue. A lot has been said about the Salman issue. I don’t want to add to the noise. I would rather bring notice on real issues… the real problem is us talking about how to treat our women better in India and how to treat women better generally.”


Here is a collection of all the latest news about the Priyanka Chopra Sexy Hollywood Star

Priyanka caught mingling with Thor star Tom Hiddlestonpriyanka-sexy-actress-from-indiatom-hiddleston-priyanka-emmys

Priyanka recently posted a sexy video of hers dancing in a saree and the post read “Every once in a way something comes along to turn your lyf around… watch this space for more!” It is for an ad of Reliance Digital Earth 2 phone.Priyanka-Chopra-Hot-at-Academy-Awards-2016-7

With an outstanding start in Hollywood projects, Priyanka Chopra’s soaring popularity all over the globe is no more a surprise. Priyanka Chopra bikini look from her music videos to her rough and tough FBI agent look in Quantico series, Piggy Chops has rocked them all. She is also the negative lead in Baywatch’s upcoming movie alongside Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock.Priyanka-Chopra-sexy-images-with arbaaz

Bollywood affairs have always been a favourite topic for the ‘hungry media walen’. Well good news guys, we have a Bolly Holly love story brewing up at the Emmy Awards that was held on 18 September 2016. Apparently Priyanka was caught getting all cosy with Thor star Tom Hiddleston. The superstars were giving out the award for Outstanding Directing for a Limited Series, Movie, or Dramatic Special category.

Priyanka donned a stunning red Jason Wu gown for the event and gained a lot many eyeballs. While hosting a part of the show with Tom, they constantly giggled and flirted with each other. But the real fireworks begun after the event; in an after party.

A recent source revealed their closeness “Tom had his arm around her and held her close. Afterwards, Tom and Priyanka talked closely and were holding hands at one point for a few moments. Priyanka fixed Tom’s bow-tie and then the two kissed on both cheeks. Priyanka and Tom said goodbye and she told him that she will see him later. They left the event about a minute after each other,” the source added.

After dating Taylor Swift, it looks like Tom is going to hook up with Priyanka now. They have exchanged they phone numbers as confirmed by the source and are looking forward to meet again. Tom will also be doing a special appearance in Priyanka’s Quantico. Hmmm are we looking at an upcoming desi-firangi combo? Let’s wait and watch!

Priyanka to play the next Bond Girl???james-bond-powerful-women-skyfall-video-1084762-twobyonepriyanka-007-girlpriyanka-play-bond-girl

Bond girls have always been regarded as the sexiest role in Hollywood. Top stars like Hale Berry, Gemma Arterton, Eva Green and Rosamund Pike have played the role of the sensuous Bond girl. It’s a dream for Hollywood actresses to play the role and looks like our very own Desi girl is going to star as the next. Like every other women in the movie industry she too wants to play the role of a Bond girl. But she has certain conditions applied!

Though the rumours of her becoming the next Bond girl are still not confirmed, but the news is spreading like wild fire. On a recent interview to popular magazine Marie Claire, she said that she would play the character if she is offered the right part. She also specified that she would like to be called ‘Jane’. “Depends on the part. She’d definitely have to be called Jane” she says “James hooking up with Jane sounds so tempting right?

Priyanka will be next seen in the movie Baywatch alongside Dwayne Johnson and Quantico Season 2. Hope to see her in the next Bond movie are rising day by day.

Priyanka went all candid in her interview to Marie Claire

Jamshedpur girl Priyanka Chopra rose to heights that even she had not imagined. With hoardings of her series Quantico all across New York streets, she is currently the ruling queen of Hollywood TV series. She was recently interviewed by popular magazine Marie Claire and many of her gorgeous pics were put into Marie Claire’s pages in their latest issue.

On a rapid fire round, here is what Priyanka had to say about her

Ideal Weekend: “Going to the beach and binge-watching a TV show while eating pizza.”

Finishing Touches: “My evil-eye bracelet with a mantra on it, and a necklace that belonged to my dad.”

Must-Have: “My Valentino camo-print backpack; I carry my whole life in it. If I get on a plane and lose my luggage, I can survive with just my backpack.”

Last Purchase: “First edition copies of Robinson Crusoe and Arabian Nights at a vintage bookstore in Savannah, Georgia—I’m a voracious reader!”

Her Vice: “Eating. I love chicken wings, pizza, burgers, and Thai food!” [Editor’s Note: True story—Chopra ordered a burger on set.)

Go-To Look: “I’m a very jeans, jacket, and boots kind of girl.”

Priyanka Chopra Quantico 2 poster releasedquantico-2-hot-released


Named as the hottest woman in the world by Maxim, Priyanka Chopra‘s popularity is reaching sky high. With increasing fan following because of her work in Quantico, Priyanka has made it into the top Bollywood stars working in Hollywood projects. While hoardings of Quantico Season 1 were flashed all across NY boards, now it’s time for the second season.quantico-2-poster-released

The poster of Quantico 2 is out and Priyanka posted it on her Instagram account. With caption “From the FBI to the CIA…Alex Parrish is back! New story, new look and lots of new faces! Season premiere Sept 25th on ABC. Can’t wait!” Priyanka released the poster of the show. The poster features Jake McLaughlin who plays Ryan Booth in the show.quantico-2-poster-releae


Alex Parish is no more an FBI agent. She is now a CIA agent and the poster reveals the same. With Ryan in the background, the poster looks quite intriguing. With new twists and turns in this season, people from both her bureau and her CIA team are questionable. Let’s see what Parish does this time to save millions of people around the globe who are in risk because of the conspiracy Parish gets dragged into.



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