Best Thief Movies List in Hollywood Till Date {Watch All }


We all know that the heist genre has been much in tradition with the Hollywood movies and we know that these dates have been long in the tradition and you will also get to see that they are in the adaptations to many of the stage play like Alias Jimmy Valentine. They’re really some of the best thief movies that we have crafted for you. The list goes by The Great Muppet Caper that has been a really fun movie to watch with immense humor, romance, and thrill and yes many jewelry thieves too.



Let us have a look at the Best thief movies


10. The Town 


Ben Affleck directs the movie and it is filled with a lot of suspense, heart break and romance. The movie is talking about the Charlestown, which is actually in the neighborhood in where the lives of family is cursed by crimes for generations.

9. Snatch 


It is a must watch movies that has unscrupulous promoters for boxing and many other indulged in the game like the

  • Violent bookmakers,
  • a Russian gangster,
  • Incompetent amateur robbers
  • And the Jewish jewelers


The story is about a robbery of diamond that takes place with a lot of planning.


8.  Inception 


The movie is about a thief, who tends to steal the corporate secrets using his dream-sharing technology. This inverse task of planting takes in the mind of a CEO. Watch out as the whole story reveals.

7. Inside Man 

This is an amazing movie that gives the proper glimpse of the robbery being happening around with a police detective, a strange bank robber, and a broken that has the high class and is indulged in high-stakes negotiations. This movie is a lot spirals when reveals.


6. American Hustle 

 Best Thief Movies

The story is about a conversation man or I must say about a con artist who is playing along as a seductive partner Sydney Prosser and he works forcefully for a FBI agent too. He pushes him in the world of powerbrokers and mafia.


5. Ant-Man 

Best Thief Movies

The story is about a man who is armed in a super-suit and gas various enticing and astonishing powers that gives him the ability to shrink in the scale but increase in the strength. The man is actually a cat burglar who cherishes and embraces his hero qualities but later meeting a weird man turns this boy upside down.

4. Public Enemies 

Best Thief Movies

The story is about the persons called as the Feds who wishes to put down the notorious American gangsters.

3. The Bank Job

Best Thief Movies

If you are in love with scandals then this movie is your thing. The story revolves around when Martine offers Terry a foolproof bank hit on the Baker’s Street London.

She has a target that has a lot of safe deposits which worth millions in cash and jewelry. The story reveals when the robbery and the execution of the main plan unwrap.


2. Rock n Rolla 

Best Thief Movies

We know at one point of the time we all wish to be comes right and certainly robbery strikes all of us down with the pan. When the scam reveals open a lot of people went down because of the inflammation and the robbery happens.

1. Ocean’s Thirteen 

Best Thief Movies

The story is based up on the boys who plan out to rob the casino. Dig out for more. Happy watching these heists!



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