Check Out Best Hollywood Romantic Movies in 2017 {Must Watch}


Romance is English style has always been in the showcased style. When the temperature drops down and you really feel sad, alone, gloomy and feel like you have nothing to do then all you need to do is just curl yourself up in the blanket and grab yourself a coffee mug and put your DVDs or the online movie streaming app on and begin on a romantic and comedy journey with the best Hollywood romantic movies. We have crafted a list of ten movies that have touched the hearts of millions and made there day end in giggles. Try is usp to energize you mundane routine.



Did You See Best Hollywood romantic movies:


10. The Holiday:

This movie is for all the single people and the hopeless ones of course that will blow the fire of love within them. The Holiday is a must watch movie for everyone this winters. Kate Winslet, Jack Black and Cameroon Diaz and Jude Law have made the perfect couple love put it all perfect together.

9. Pretty Woman


Best Hollywood romantic movies

The amazing screenplay of the movie is overwhelming and would you think what could be the story that would take place between a hooker and a businessman. It is a delight to watch Richard Gere and Julia Roberts portray love on screen.

8. Love Actually

Best Hollywood romantic movies

The word Christmas means love and this movie shows the love story of not one, but actually the eight couples.

7. 27 Dresses

Best Hollywood romantic movies

It is a beautiful, career-oriented and a very sweet movie that keeps Jane’s deep dark secret and also she has been the bridesmaid 27 times. What the movie to unwrap the love story of the handsome reporter who gets attracted towards her.

6. The Notebook

Best Hollywood romantic movies

It is a romantic turn and it will definitely take your heart away and it is not just about the movie bit the movie of a typical poor guy meets rich girl. Tit weaves in the magic and makes everyone go spell bound with love and all the effect that makes this story in love and magical.

5. P.S. I Love You


Best Hollywood romantic movies

The poignant love story is of a young widow who gave her life a second chance and tries to live. It is Amazing and you cannot get over this movie no matter how many times you watch.

4. Never Been Kissed

Best Hollywood romantic movies

As the story title speaks of this story let you rest live your high-school days. The story projects the life of a girl as a journalist who turns her life upside down.

3. She’s the Man

Best Hollywood romantic movies

The S is the story of the girl Voila who plans to disguise herself as her brother. This is actually much like the Shakespearian play which is full of fantasy, love and magic and beneath it the story of love evolves.

2. The Ugly Truth

Best Hollywood romantic movies

The story is a typical love scenic play that gives away the sparkles of love in the lives of the main leads.

1. The Fault in our stars…

Best Hollywood romantic movies

This is actually a novel turned into book which has really been an amazing movie to take away you with the sigh. Happy screening pals. This is the Best Hollywood romantic movies in 2017.

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