Did U Watch Hollywood Cartoon Movies in Hindi Dubbed

Starting up with the cartoon movies them we can say they are an all time favorite lot of movies, which is loved and watched by everyone. No matter if you are a kid or not you will definitely be amazed to see such amazing cartoon characters makes a right sense of responsibility, which is shown by different characters. The Hollywood cartoon movies are really amazing to watch, as they are best known for their effects made. We can certainly not deny the fact that their animation is certainly with an above level that makes it really enjoyable to watch. Don’t forget to watch Hollywood Cartoon Movies in Hindi Dubbed

Let us go through some amazing Hollywood Cartoon Movies in Hindi Dubbed

10. The Lego Movie (2014) IMDb- 8.9

The movie is actually based on a quest against an evil Lego tyrant who plans to destroy the Universe.


9. WALL-E (2008) IMDb-8.5


It is a romantic fiction and about a named Robot named Wall-E that makes it possible to collect the wastage spread on the earth.

8. The Lion King (1994) IMDb-8.5


As the name of the movies says it is a story of a lion who lives in guilt of killing his own father but actually the father was killed by someone else and the little cub I f the Lion keeps on roaming and leaves aside his journey to become the future king.


7. Toy Story 3 (2010) IMDb-8.5

The Toy Story has been the first movie that made us dive into the world of imagination and make out a sense of living from the unsaid and unwrapped emotions. The story is about the howdy cowboy who becomes jealous of a spaceman you whom he thinks will take his space.


6. How to Train Your Dragon (2010) IMDb-8.2

Hollywood Cartoon Movies

It is the story of a fragile Viking boy who turned into the best masters of dragon among the world. As well known as Vikings are best for their strength therefore they don’t do friendships with the dragon but rather fight. Here the fight is not among them but in what is right and what is wrong. While they get in training the Dragon friends they realize that a right direction and decision can change everything.


5. Finding Nemo (2003) 

Hollywood Cartoon Movies


The story is about a clownfish who sets on a journey in finding his son who somehow has been taken to Sydney.

4. Monsters, Inc. (2001) IMDB-8.1

Hollywood Cartoon Movies

Well we know that monsters are actually scary but the monsters here in the story are quite friendly and they really helps the child to reach back home safely.   The irony in the movie is that the monsters are themselves scared of the children.

3. Beauty and the Beast IMDb-8.1

Hollywood Cartoon Movies

We all know that our childhood is certainly incomplete without such movies therefore the movie seems to be much like a fairy tale which is full of lessons of life.

2. Frozen (2013) IMDb-8.1

Hollywood Cartoon Movies

This movies stars out the best and possible things a girl could do if she takes up the responsibility. It is full of magic and fantasy.


1. Ratatouille (2007)

Hollywood Cartoon Movies

This is the story of a mouse who can cook. Yes you heard it right it is the story of a mouse who lives cooking and even faces a lot of trouble in being what he always wished for. Watch out for this small Genius Chef.

Watch Trailer of Ratatouille:

The Hollywood cartoon movies list we have crafted is really amazing and very much diverse. Keep a close call to each movie. We hope that you and your children will love it.

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