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Daughter of film maker Mahesh Bhatt, Alia Bhatt is a stunning actress who has taken Bollywood by storm. She came as a fashionista in Student of the Year and is currently one of the most acclaimed Bollywood actress with movies like Highway and Udta Punjab in her kitty. Alia Bhatt Hot pics from SOTY and Shandaar are very famous. Well ofcourse she is an amzingly hot actress but likely to see she has worked on her figure way too much. Has not it been a task for KJ to get this little chirp to shape up for SOTY?

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  1. Music in blue makes Alia winky!
Alia Bhatt in Blue Dress
Alia Bhatt in Blue Dress

A wonderful and inspiring women, she is amazing to brief her talent in the movie with the King Khan of Bollywood, Dear Zindagi. She has been also showcasing the wonderful acting skills in Highway and from there on her journey begins as a wonderful started for the different movies genres we have seen.


2. Alia in a Shandaar hot bikini.

Alia Bhatt in Shandaar
Alia Bhatt in Shandaar

Getting a perfect hot body is every Bollywood actresses’ dream. Alia Bhatt had worked really hard to get the sexy body she sported in Shaandar. Though the movie was easily forgettable, Alia Bhatt look from the movie was a memorable one. Her bright pink dress made her look adorable yet sexy. Only Alia could have pulled off such a sexy look. But however looking towards her immense practice and desperation to shape up her body we see she has made a revolution for her acting skills and other professional areas.

Seeing a bubbly actor grooming to different genres we have seen Alia Bhatt growing in such a beautiful actress and the one who has also worked in and out in many different ways.

Sharing her ideas and also about her acting and developing skills we have seen her as a charmer in disguise. It will be true to the fact that Alia Bhatt in no time has been counted as the amazing Bollywood top 10 actresses.

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3. Hot and chubby Alia in a Sexy green slip skirt!

alia-bhatt sexy images
alia-bhatt sexy images

This dress is among the collection of the dream tour and more! She has been a part of the dream team and guys they have had a wonderful vacation. Seeing her cheered and geared up pics on social media is just a treat. She has been out with the gang and her dream team pics look so amazing.


4. Want to get wet in Rain! Welcoming rains!

Alia Bhatt try swimming

“It is nice to get drenched in rain”, says Alia when you are on your full mood to welcome them.

5. Alia looking hot in black dress!

Alia Bhatt sexy thigh in Black shorts
Alia Bhatt sexy thigh in Black shorts

This black dress is acting up to win so many hearts. The broad black belt is making her look perfect and yet girlish with the beautiful dimple smile.

 7. Pink makes Alia look in!

Alia Bhatt Look Sexy in Pink Dress
Alia Bhatt Look Sexy in Pink Dress

Alia preferably seesm to be the next Bebo for Bollywood. Well true to the fact there is on ly one Bebo and we love her and there is one Alia whom the audience is showering love too. This dress reminds  a lot of Kareena’s style which both actresses seem to carry well.

 8. Looking hot in white short dress.

Alia Bhatt Look Sexy in White Dress
Alia Bhatt Look Sexy in White Dress

A beautiful white dress just perfect for the stage to be flaunted!

Alia Bhatt Sexy Thigh Dress
Alia Bhatt Sexy Thigh Dress

Has not this picture be setting goals for the right black dress!

Deepika, Alia and Sonam at the Coldplay concert in Berlin

9. The dream team tour with the Coldplay!

It has been a wonderful experience to see the Bollywood stars share the same road for their vacation. These images and the selfies are the best examples of the fun that these people had while the concert.

Alia Bhatt with Hollywood Singer

The Hollywood singers seems to be really amazed to meet the Indian avtars of the Bollywood actors. Well Coldplay, here it was!

10. All happy and gay, Alia in Pink- Pick a boo!

Alia Bhatt and other star


11. This pout style seems to never run out of townalia-bhatt-sexy-photo7

12. Yet another selfie at the concert will make me go GaGa!

Alia Bhatt in coldplay concert
Alia Bhatt in coldplay concert

13. The funky look is so in! Jeans and Tee!

Alia Bhatt Hot Look in Blue Jeans
Alia Bhatt Hot Look in Blue Jeans

This mess look is all about Alia. She has herself become the trend these days and also she has been seen carrying the bold and beautiful look with he class. Alia is the trend setter and many females fans have been idealising her when it comes to drop in the fashion sense. Her sexy one piece is actually grooving in well in the social media.

14. Alia Bhatt Look Cool in Short Army Dress

Alia Bhatt Look Cool in Short Army Dress

No guys, here is why Emraan refused to work with the Highway star. Apparently Emraan Hashmi was offered to play the male lead in a movie alongside Alia and as per the script both had a romantic relation in the movie. As many of us know Alia is Emraan’s cousin. So Emraan said that it would be quite awkward to play a romantic partner with his cousin. So he refused the offer. Well, obvious to the fact ethics play quite a role in deciding the characters of Bollywood.


15. Pre-celebrations with the dream tour! Gala time and fun.

Alia Bhatt With Katrina , Parineeti and Other Bollywood Star
Alia Bhatt With Katrina , Parineeti and Other Bollywood Star

Recently she had been to Spain on a vacation with her girl gang. Guess what she wore at the beach?? A similar pink bikini! She looked as hot and sweet in the bikini as she looked in Shaandar.

Her bright pink lipstick suited the look and she looked drop dead gorgeous in the bikini! Have a look at the images she shared from her holidays. The one with the reflective goggles just stole everyone’s heart!

This star is working hard on her upcoming projects too. Lately seeing her acting in a romantic drama with her co star Varun was well enough to get and shape to different roles. Her upcoming movies With the costars Ranveer Singh, Gully Boy and Shiddat with Varun Dhawan are the most awaited.

It is also in the news that Alia Bhatt is soon to be seen as working as a Producer for the another movie which she herself will be acting in.

Well is not it the same going with the PC, what is happening to all our Bollywood Divas they have been sinking in the ocean of talent weather its Singing, acting, dancing, producing or directing there is no such field left where these actresses have not stepped by.



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