Top 10 Best Toothpaste in india with Picture, Price, Brand


Maintaining proper oral hygiene is as important as meeting other health needs. Toothpaste plays a pivotal role in maintaining our oral hygiene. Neglecting oral health results in bleeding gums, bad odour from mouth, tooth decay, teeth discolouration and mouth ulcers. So along with maintaining proper diet, taking good care of the mouth is also important. Different oral needs require different types of toothpaste and we have a list of the best toothpaste in India which people prefer most of the times:


Top 10 Best Toothpaste Brands in India: 


10. Oral-B:

best toothpaste in india oral-b

Listed among the world’s best toothpaste brands, Oral B offers the Oral B Pro Health toothpaste is highly effective in fighting against mouth odour, tooth decay and discoloration. Approved by ADA, it also helps in reducing tooth sensitivity.

9. Amway Glister:

best toothpaste in india amway-glister

Amway’s products have always been very popular in India and its Glister toothpaste is certainly among the best toothpaste brands in the world. It gives a fresh feel to the mouth. It contains Sylodent which fights against cavities and helps in maintaining health gums.

8. Dant Kanti:

best toothpaste in india dant-kanti

With Patanjali products taking the country by storm, it’s toothpaste brand is not far behind. This herbal toothpaste comes in two variety; one is for overall oral care and another is a medicated one for sensitive teeth.

7. Sensodyne:

best toothpaste in india sensodyne

Sensodyne toothpaste is well known for its fast action on sensitive teeth. Suggested by many doctors in India, Sensodyne paste is highly effective in treating sensitive teeth by soothing the exposed nerve endings in the gums. It also prevents cavities and helps to maintain health gums and whiter teeth.

6. Meswak:

best toothpaste in india meswak

Most people consider Meswak toothpaste as the best toothpaste in India. It is a herbal toothpaste by popular brand Dabur. It contains Meswak extract which is a natural fighter against tooth decay and bad mouth odour.



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